My Favorite Tassels

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Today I’m here to share some of my favorite TASSELS.

No… not THOSE tassels. Come on, people!

Favorite tassels in decor, fashion, accessories and design!

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When it comes to decor and design, there are LOTS of trends I’m crazy about… macrame, tie dye, rattan… But the tassel is everywhere… interiors, fashion, accessories. There’s something about a tassel that makes me happy. There’s a certain whimsy and fun that comes with a tassel. A little preppy, a little global, a little playful… what’s not to like?!

Favorite tassels in decor, fashion, accessories and design!

I’ve rounded up my favorite tassel-ed goodness from the web. Whether found on a throw pillow or earrings, I say bring it on! Click the image to get a link to each product! (Affiliate links are included. See my full disclosure here.)

Tassels in Decor: Think throw pillows, baskets, etc.

Tassels in Textiles: Blankets, bedding, and throws.

Tassels in Clothing and Accessories

There you have it! I kind of want all of these in my home, but… that would be a challenge. Those loafers are calling my name, and the green clutch keeps creeping into my subconscious. Also the throw blankets with pom poms. Can there EVER be enough pom poms? I think not.




Favorite tassels in decor, fashion, accessories and design!

XO Charlotte

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