Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

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Best Christmas Gifts for Men

I owe this post entirely to YOU GUYS! A couple of weeks ago, I put out a 411 on my Instagram stories and man oh man, you all delivered.  I took screen grabs of each and every suggestion and here they all are! (Click images for details!)

1. Pocket Knife. Again… nothing handier than having this accessible. Unless you’re on line with TSA… in that case… not so handy.

2. Charger. If my perpetual 30% charge is any indication, then I can attest to the fact that a portable recharger would come in VERY handy!

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3. Hiking Socks. My dad and brother always ask for these so… they must be important.

4. Hot Sauce making kit. I can’t go within an inch of hot sauce, but I know people LOVE it. Mixing your own could be really fun if you have the tolerance for it!

5. Peanuts. I mean, guys… they’re peanuts. Yum.

6. Deep Fryer. I had a follower swear by this… I read fryer and was totally on board.

7. Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf for Phone (Ha!). I mean, come on… it’s shelf for your phone with a toilet paper holder! That’s hilarious.

8. Tie. I feel like ties for men are akin to clutches for women… can never have enough, right?!

9. Bluetooth Enabled Ear Protection. Again, a reader said these were amazing because you could do work with power tools and still listen to music OR hear if a text or phone call comes through.

10. Tile. Attach this to anything your fella has a tendency to lose: keys, kids… no judgment.

11. Custom love note collar stays. I’ve been tempted to get these like a dozen times… I don’t quite trust my husband’s ability not to lose them, but one day I’ll take the risk and get these!

12. Beef Jerky subscription. I’d be down. I love beef jerky.

13. Drone. There are about a million of these to choose from… seems to me like it’s a grown up toy for men, which is exactly what my followers suggested!

14. Down Vest. Mark wears his daily!

15. Beer mugs. Have these chilling in the freezer so you’re ready anytime someone stops over for an unexpected visit.

16. Water Bottle. Hydration is important, folks… not that I would know. These Swell bottles are a splurge but so chic!

17. Bathrobe. Every guy needs a cozy buffalo check bathrobe, right? On trend AND comfortable.

18. Bocce Ball. I might be getting this for our family this year… it’s a super fun game and works in all sorts of settings!

19. Team replica helmet. A follower said she got one with her husband’s school on it and he LOVES it! Probably depends on whether you went somewhere with a big football program, but I guess any memorabilia from his college could be fun!

20. Slippers. See Item # 17.

21. Vest. This had a millennial vibe to me… ’nuff said.

22. Make your own beer. I have no idea how this works, but it seems like it could be really fun if you’re a beer drinker.

23. Record Player. Erin mentioned this when we were recording the podcast this week… seems super retro and cool so I thought I’d include!

24. Messenger Bag. I finally got Mark to graduate from a backpack to a messenger bag. It’s still not a briefcase, but something about a grown man in a suit with a backpack felt… off.

25.  Business Card Holder. Another great reader suggestion… loved this one!

26. Hoodie. If it’s good enough for the millennials, it’s good enough for me!



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