Meet Charlotte Smith

I’m Charlotte and welcome to my house! If peace and quiet is what you’re after… this would be the time for you to slooooowly back away from my blog. I have a bunch of kids. I love color. I stay up too late and watch reality TV like it’s my job. But I also have lots ways for you to create a home that reflects your personality and feels designed and curated… without breaking the bank.

living room with green couch

One small project at a time, I create spaces and rooms. “Wait… that’s it?!” is music to my ears! I don’t think design and DIY needs to be complicated to be effective.

third floor guest room with embroidered art collection

Everyone loves a back story so here’s mine.  In 2012, I was living in New York City maneuvering subways not power tools.  I worked as a school guidance counselor and knew nothing about blogging or designing or DIYing. But then we up and went suburban and I fell into blogging as a way to share my newly stay-at-home-mom status, and maintain a modicum of sanity. Remember how I said I knew NOTHING about blogging? Well… for years my blog was a cute hybrid of the words city + suburb + sanity… Ciburbanity. No one could say it. No one could remember it. And the only advantage was the available URL! Now I am DELIGHTED to be At Charlotte’s House which sums up this whole blogging adventure perfectly.

meet charlotte smith

My husband Mark and I have five children between the age of 10 and 4. In 2014, we moved around the corner into our second suburban fixer upper and the project list grew longer than ever.  Unfortunately, circumstances changed… and in the spring of 2018, we had to sell our beloved historic home and now we’re making the best of a tricky situation in a rental a few miles away.

playroom in rental home

I’ve also suckered some producers into letting me appear on television. Yep… they actually let me go on LIVE TV. Joke’s on them. It all started with Flea Market Flip and the rest is in tidy little thumbnails for you to SEE HERE!

CMS with Rachael Ray

My design style is fun frugal repurposed eclectic.  I like colors and whimsy and pattern and texture.  I can negotiate like a ninja and I may or may not have 8 chairs, 3 coffee tables, and a dresser in my garage. I love my readers and try to connect with everyone over on Instagram.

office after

I love hearing from all of you who stop by so please PLEASE introduce yourself and leave a comment below! I also try to share some wit and design via my newsletter so sign up to get my emails (and an invite to my private Facebook group!) by clicking the image below!  Or… just email me: [email protected]