Yay! Let’s hang out!

You know when someone sends you an email and insists that your forward it onto like 47 others in order to prove how much you love kittens or salamanders or freedom or whatever? Well, I PROMISE that I will NEVER send you an email like that if you sign up here.

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Here’s what you WILL get… the occasional from yours truly including posts you might have missed, favorite tips and tricks, the secret to the perfect frothed milk and why I have a slight obsession with Cheetos and Dawson’s Creek. And… not to bury the lead, you’ll also get an invitation to join my super secret, super fun, super cool Facebook Group and a link to download my ten tips for Flea Market domination!! Ask me design questions, get exclusive access to things like puppy memes and generally join the online party! (If you’re not on Facebook, you can still ask me anything… just email me!)

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