Painted Retro Telephone

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I found this old phone for free at the dump and immediately had to give it a colorful makeover.

painted retro phone

There’s probably not much need for actual *instructions* to this DIY but I’ll give you an overview of what I did if you promise to send me pictures of anything similar if you do one yourself!

Step 1: Take apart the phone

I had to look this one up on YouTube to figure out how to separate the top of the phone from the back of the phone. There were a few small screws involved but also some release tabs (that I ended up breaking anyways…)

take apart the phone

This probably seems obvious, but take lots of pictures to help you remember where everything goes and save all the small parts.

Shop my favorites!

save small parts of phone

Prep the Phone

I made sure to wipe the phone clean first and then gave it a base coat of this KILZ primer.

prime the phone first

Add Color and Paint the Phone

Paint pens would probably work, but I had an assortment of thin craft brushes so just used those and basic craft paint. In general, I didn’t have any plans for this other than using my favorite colors and trying to stagger the patterns etc. I started with a color block and then added the details.

painting the colorful phone

I’m calling this phone “retro” even though, to me, this is just… a phone. But given that most houses don’t have a corded phone, I figured it’s probably safer just to consider it old rather than pretend I’m not that old.

painted retro phone
retro painted phone
painting a retro phone with colorful craft paint

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