How to Spray Paint a Gumball Machine

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How to Spray Paint a Thrifted Gumball Machine

I wanted to give this retro gumball machine a bit of a spray paint makeover so that it would fit my decor a little better!

pink spray paint gumball machine makeover

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for Plutonium spray paint. I was given spray paint for free.

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I picked up this gumball machine a few years ago at the thrift store and I’ve always loved it. But I only display it at Christmas because it’s a *bright*red and… that doesn’t match anything in my house. Thankfully… giving this guy a makeover couldn’t have been easier using Plutonium Spray Paint.

red gumball machine

Step 1. Clean the surface

Before *any* paint project, you need to make sure the surface is clean. I thoroughly dusted my gumball machine being careful to get into all the nooks and crannies. A gently soap and water cleaning wouldn’t have killed me either… but I was impatient and didn’t have time to let it dry off completely.

clean the gumball machine

Step 2. Deconstruct the gumball machine

Truth be told… I had a roll of FrogTape® at the ready to tape off my gumball machine. It wouldn’t have been that hard, but… I began sniffing around and it turned out I could unscrew the top glass saving me SO much time. I also notice that if I flipped the gumball machine over, I could unscrew the metal plate from the front meaning there was NO need for taping!

deconstruct the gumball machine

Step 3. Spray Paint

I’m using Plutonium paint in Manko pink. Because Plutonium sprays in SUCH a fine mist there’s virtually no overspray, the paint dries within seconds, and… no drips. It adhered easily to the metal and covered the red easy peasy. (I LOVE my Homeright mini spray tent for these small spray paint projects… it opens in a heartbeat and keeps wind from interfering with my project.)

paint with plutonium spray paint paint with plutonium spray paint

Step 4. Put back together

Putting the gumball machine back together is a *bit* more complicated, so consider taking pictures of each step… I didn’t do this so I’m 90% sure I got it back together the right way. Because my gumball machine is only decorative… no biggie.

put gumball machine back together

In case you’re too impatient to find a thrifted gumball machine, this is a link to the one I used brand new. It’s $30 so not a crazy amount to spend! I love sharing these simple makeovers since I really think color (and easy to use spray paint) can make SUCH an impact… thrift store treasures can fit into any decor… without breaking the budget!

spray painted gumball machine spray painted gumball machine

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pink spray paint makeover gumball machine


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  1. Do you know if that brand of paint is food safe? Like if i wanted to put gumballs or peanuts inside after its Been spray painted?