Day 10: Twelve Days of Ornaments- Succulent Moss Ball Ornament

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Hanging Moss Balls with Succulents

moss ball ornaments

Welcome to Day 10 of 12 Days of Ornaments on the blog and my YouTube channel! You can follow along HERE in case you’ve missed anything!

Let’s just get it out of the way and say that I cannot say “moss balls” without laughing so feel free to join me. Once you get past the snickering, keep reading because this is a cute and EASY ornament. And yes I can also admit to saying that about most of these ornaments. #sorrynotsorry

Step 1. Get Moss Balls

You can either buy them here OR make your own by reading my tutorial here.

moss ball ornaments

Shop my favorites!

Step 2. Gather succulents

You’re more than welcome to use real succulents for this, but… I used these fake ones. I loved the ones I used because they came with a little stick at the ends.

Step 3. Assemble

I used three succulents per moss ball, but that was simply because I wanted to divide the succulents I had. You could totally add more. Mine had a stick at the end so they were super easy just to poke into the moss ball. If your succulents don’t have a stem to stick into the moss ball, then I’d just hot glue them!

stick succulents into moss ball

Step 4. Add Ribbon for Hanging

I started to make little macrame hangers but didn’t want to hide the moss ball, so I used three screw rings instead. I cut my ribbon into 24-inch lengths and tied one end to each screw ring first. Then I screwed the rings into the moss ball about half way down and equally spaced around the circumference. I pulled the ribbon together above the moss ball and tied it into a loop.

Finding the right materials is the most complicated part of this ornament! I’ve linked to everything I used, so feel free to grab the supplies since putting together the actual succulent moss balls will take you 5 minutes!

moss ball with succulents

Be sure to check back to see what other ornaments I’ll be sharing in my 12 Days of Ornaments series!

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succulent moss ball ornament

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