The Best Bubble Mix for GIANT Bubbles

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Make the Biggest Bubbles Ever

This homemade bubble mix make the biggest most colorful bubbles and my kids have been enjoying our bubble station all summer!

making giant bubbles outside

Most of my favorite ideas come from the kids’ teachers so when Louisa’s teacher offered to show me her favorite bubble mix, you better believe I took a photo of the recipe! But I need to give a big ol’ disclaimer first. I ordered the secret ingredient from Amazon and need to mention that bubbles is not its intended use. In other words, beware of “You might also like” and “Others Searched for” categories… Maybe order this item without children looking over your shoulder. It *does* have a G-rated intent… as an obstetrical lubricant… but it also has many other uses that are, ahem… very much NOT G-rated. So consider yourselves warned.

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backyard bubble mix

giant bubbles in our backyard


  • 2 Cups Dawn dish soap
  • 1 1/2 Gallon water
  • 1 teaspoon secret ingredient (Confession: I’ve been using 1 tbsp, so if it doesn’t work as well for you… add a bit more)

arthur blowing bubbles

giant backyard bubbles

That said… it works wonders and you’ll see that the bubbles my kids have been making are INCREDIBLE. I mix the bubbles in a simple plastic drink dispenser so the kids can refill both the big bucket and their small individual bubble containers.  I bought a set of these bubble wands that they use to make the BIG bubbles!

backyard bubbles station

the biggest backyard bubbles

We have all of this sitting outside all summer for the kids to pull out whenever they want! The green bucket is the same one I use for our toys from Ikea and it comes with a lid so it’s protected from the elements (no longer available but any rubbermaid type lidded bin would be great!)

blowing giant backyard bubbles

huge backyard bubbles

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XO Charlotte

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  1. I mixed it, have bubbles on top and almost a slimy drip. Did you Dissolve powder in some hot water first? How did you put it together? Thanks

  2. My last question, is the lubricant harmful if INGESTED? I need safe for a small grandson and a special needs daughter.