Black Friday HOME Deals

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Home Items I’m Loving On Black Friday

Folks… I’m never very organized when it comes to Black Friday so these are a handful of things I found over a cup of coffee this morning. All of these items are on sale but you may have to check the homepage of each site for a coupon code! For example, furniture at World Market is 40% off… so look or the code. Some of these sales are good through the weekend, but I’ve found that things are selling out stupid fast unfortunately. I.e. if you like something, I’d grab it while you can!  Leave me a message and let me know if you grabbed any items from this list and which ones you like! (Always helpful for me for the next shopping guide!) Happy Black Friday, everyone!

Note: one of the many ways that we as bloggers make money is sharing shopping guides like this… obviously the prices for you don’t change a bit, but if you purchase something by clicking one of my links, I get a small percentage (usually like 2-4%)… so thank you in advance for being so supportive and encouraging!

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