XO Charlotte


  1. I love old maps! I had big plans to do maps of all the places we’ve lived together in our bedroom, but then…somehow the walls got filled up with other stuff 🙂 Yours look great–the frames are perfect!

    • Hi Jeanne-Louise, Each sheet of acrylic was about $25 and the hardware was $10 or something. So… it’s still not super cheap, but a typical floating frame of this size would typically be $100+ in stores. This is a little better than that at least. 🙂

  2. Love it! I have a 36×24 image I would love to do this with. Would you recommend I get my acrylic cut to 40×28 or would you say even larger like 42×30?

    • Hi there! I think it’s totally personal preference! Depending upon how thin the acrylic that you get is… a smaller size *might* be sturdier, but.. I also think a 3″ ‘frame’ around your image would look great! Why don’t you google floating acrylic frames and see which ones your eye prefers? Larger vs. smaller frame! Good luck!

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