How to Clean Paint From a Sink

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Cleaning a Paint Covered Sink


how to clean paint from a sink

We are lucky enough to have two sinks in our kitchen. One is for the day to day dishes, etc. And the other is what I suspect was for entertaining… a wet bar if you will. The only entertaining we do is feeding our five kids chicken nuggets so the extra sink has become a place for rinsing paint brushes, cleaning training potties, etc. Which meant it looked like this (warning):

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paint covered sink


Months ago, when it came time to put the house on the market, the paint sink needed to be taken care of. I reached for this magical ingredient and couldn’t believe how well it worked! You’re going to need a scouring pad, a mask, and some elbow grease. This stuff is potent and you’ll want to make sure you’re working in a well ventilated area.

wear an odor mask while cleaning

I started by squirting a bit onto my sponge and scrubbing the sink.

scrub paint on sink

Once I had scrubbed and dislodged all the stuck-on paint, I took a paper towel, soaked it in water, and wiped down the sink. I repeated these step until all the paint was removed and our sink was sparkling like new!

take a paper towel and rinse the sink

Can you believe this is the same sink I started with?? And no… this is NOT a sponsored post, but I was amazed how easily this stuff worked to revive our gross sink!

clean paint free sink

Just to remind you… here’s how the sink looked before and after! Grab some of this stuff and go get cleaning!

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cleaning paint from a sink

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the coming to me at the right time. I need to cleaning paint from my kitchen sink. But I am not much experience about this. After reading this article I found so many useful tips for cleaning paint from the kitchen sink. I am so glad I found you with helpful. I must apply your tips for doing this. Hope so it will work for me. Thanks again for sharing this.

  2. Hi I have bought an old vanity unit with a plain white sink I would love to do a little blue stenciling to brighten it up. Is that possible. Thanks annie

  3. Wonderful I Am in The Same Boat As You.
    But Its My Laundry Sink & I Thought I Was The Only Obe That Had a Sink With Paint In It So Glad To Gear That Otger Peo0le Do As Well.
    Anyway Its Geen Like It For Ages Well Years Really & Now I Am Selling I Had To Clean It So Turned To google & Your post Popped Up So Thank You Xx