Fall Watercolor Leaf Wreath

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Make an Easy Watercolor Fall Wreath

watercolor leaf wreath

I feel a little bit like a broken record over here, but there’s nothing that gives me more pleasure than making a craft project out of something you pull off a shelf in your house. Even better if you think that craft project is moderately chic or upscale! May I introduce my latest simple seasonal craft project: a watercolor leaf wreath (say that 10 times fast).

diy watercolor leaf wreath

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Step 1: Cut leaves out of watercolor paper

I used my Cricut so the leaves are a bit more intricate, but you can TOTALLY just trace and cut out leaves with a pair of scissors or an x-acto knife.

cut out leaves from watercolor paper

Step 2: Paint Leaves

I started out painting my leaves one way and decided I liked how they looked another way so I’m going to share that second way! Take a 1-inch brush, get it super wet, and load it up with your first color of paint. Paint 1/2 your leaf. Watercolor paper can hold up to this much liquid so don’t hesitate to go back over with more paint if you want a more saturated color.

paint one color onto leaf with watercolor paint

Rinse the brush and load it with a second complementary color. (The paint will MIX, so you want to make sure the two paints you use for each leaf will mix nicely. Brush this second color over the other 1/2 of the leaf making sure your overlap with the first color in the middle of the leaf. The more water you’re using, the more the paints will mix together so experiment with control and which style you like the most!

paint a second color onto half of the leaf

Step 3: Leave the Leaves to Dry

leave leaves to dry

Step 4: Assemble the Wreath

Lay out leaves on your wreath form and then go back and glue them in place. I used a hot glue gun for instant setting, but a craft glue would totally work and might provide a bit more flexibility.

dry fit leaves onto wreath form

I used non traditional colors (natch) and have this hanging in our foyer. I love that I am slowly adding fall decor and it’s all matching not only my house, but also each other. Notice a few of my embellished pumpkins on the side table!

hanging paper watercolor wreath colorful watercolor wreath

colorful wreath from watercolor leaves


Watercolor Paper
Watercolor Paints
1″ brush
Wreath form (optional… you can totally just use cardboard)
Hot Glue or Craft Clue
Cricut (optional… linking to my older model)

Also, I made a video if you like to see how I painted all the leaves and put together the wreath!

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watercolor leaf wreath

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