Craft with Vacation Photos

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Boho Crafting with Vacation Pictures

crafting with vacation photos

Raise your hand if you have stacks of photos from your last vacation taking up room in a drawer somewhere. Better yet… raise your hand if you have dozens of vacation photos organized impeccably on a hard drive somewhere. My answer is yes to all of the above. I LOVE taking vacation photos, but I haven’t put any of them in an album for years. Which is why I’m so excited to be sharing this idea for including at least a few of them into a fun craft!

Step 1. Cut Cardboard or Wood

I had some scrap underlayment in my shop so it’s fairly thin (maybe 1/4″). Any wood would work for this though! I cut mine to 4×6 and then trimmed down my photos a bit.

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cut wood for photo backing

Step 2. Paint the wood

Obvy I wanted some color, so I painted the back and the edges of my wood.

paint the backs and sides of the wood

Step 3. Drill the wood

Using a tiny drill bit, drill a pair of holes in both the top and the bottom of the wood. Place your trimmed down photo onto the board to make sure you’re drilling above and below the picture.

drill wood for photo craf

Step 4. Make PomPom Tassels

I had both pom poms and tassels in my craft closet so I used both… but this is totally aesthetic so use whatever you have on hand!  Thread the pom poms through your wire and then add a tassel to the end.

Assemble pom pom tassels

Step 5. Glue the photos onto the wood

Using a spray adhesive or rubber cement, attach the photograph to the wood.

use spray adhesive to attach photos to wood

Step 6. Assemble the Photo Craft

Using thin wire, make a loop through the pre-drilled hole through the bottom of one photo board and the top of the other photo board, leaving a little space between. If you want to add another board, repeat the process.  For the top edge,  string the wire through the holes and make one larger loop for hanging.

thread wire through the wood

Step 7. Optional… Add details!

I pulled out some paint pens and added a little pattern, but you could add glitter or sequins or other small embellishments!

add details to the boho photo wall hanging

Does this solve the problem of the pile of vacation pictures in the drawer? Nope. But… it is super fun and it at least gives you a small keepsake to remember your trip! Kids would love to get involved and make their own for an added spin on the craft!

boho vacation photo craft

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vacation photo wall art

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