Get Rid of Pantry Moths… For Good!

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Today’s post is about perseverance and persistence. Determination and grit. Basically all the words in the thesaurus: diligence… resolve… stick to-it-iveness. Like Sir Edmund Hillary summiting Everest, I have conquered. Like Lewis and Clark crossing the west, I have pioneered. After a summer of battle, I have DEFEATED THE PANTRY MOTH, folks.

How to get rid of pantry moths for good.

Do you even know what I’m talking about?! You know those awful little moths that look all innocent and simple until you go to open your oatmeal and discover a nasty mix of webs and worms and wings and ick? Those little expletives.

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How to get rid of pantry moths for good.


After emptying my pantry a dozen times and searching high and low for the culprits, I finally took to google and compiled as many termination tactics as I could fit in my bookmarks menu. And now, like any good blogger, I’m going to share my arsenal with you!

How to get rid of pantry moths for good.

Step 1.

Take out EVERYTHING in your pantry. This is inordinately annoying, but it HAS to be done. No cheating since that ONE container you leave in the far corner is OBVIOUSLY the one where all the damn moths are having their frat party.

How to get rid of pantry moths for good.

Step 2.

Inspect every inch of every thing. Opened and unopened. The opened stuff is easy… peek inside and look for evidence of moths. And by evidence I mean, small worms, webs, remnants of webs… basically imposters in your Craisins or visitors in your couscous.

How to get rid of pantry moths for good.

How to get rid of pantry moths for good.

Note: Pantry moths are sneaky mofos… they can find a way into food items THAT AREN’T EVEN OPENED. Yep… EVERY. THING. Open boxes and inspect the corners. Pull out envelopes and look around the seams. To be EXTRA sure… place these unopened items into the freezer for a few days to guarantee annihilation.

How to get rid of pantry moths for good.

Step 3.

Go to Homegoods. (You’re welcome.) Buy every single glass canister you can get your moth-hating mitts on. These are like kryptonite to pantry moths. They will protect you and your dry goods.

How to get rid of pantry moths for good.

Step 4.

Before you load up your glass container armada, clean the CRAP out of your pantry with white vinegar. I don’t mean give it a little spritz, wipe down every inch of every corner of every shelf of every cabinet. Then do it again. For extra protection, use eucalyptus or lavender or peppermint essential oil (affiliate links) as an added barrier.

How to get rid of pantry moths for good.

Step 5.

If your super DUPER thorough, throw down a few of these pantry moth traps (affiliate). Swap out every couple of months.

Step 6.

Load everything back into the space. Admire how pretty all the glass cannisters look and wonder why it took a pantry moth invasion to get you this organized and Pinterest-worthy. Then Snap yourself saying something witty like, “Hasta la vista, baby.”

How to get rid of pantry moths for good.

How to get rid of pantry moths for good.

I hate these little floating infiltraters. HATE. They can be SO hard to get rid of because of how sneaky they can be, but… KNOCK ON WOOD (seriously… knock on wood NOW), I’ve sent them packing for good!

How to get rid of pantry moths for good.

XO Charlotte

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  1. Pantry moths! I didn’t even know this was a thing! But I found something that looks a lot like one in my cornstarch the other day and was horrified (and had to go to the store to buy more cornstarch). So you’re saying that I pretty much HAVE to go to Homegoods and buy a whole bunch of pretty glass containers now? 😉

  2. I HATE these things too. They were brought into our home with some dog food. I cleaned my pantry but I am going to do it again with the vinegar. Thanks for the info.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you!!! We have had infestations of these moths for a couple of years. We have traps and i did wipe down wverything but i had no idea about using VINEGAR and essential oils! So helpful:)

  4. What does a person who is on a very low fixed income DO about pantry moths if they can’t afford to buy all the glass jars to protect their food?

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and solutions! We had those blasted things creep into our pantry, and I’ve been tackling them for a month; finally, we followed your advice – even took apart our cupboards… those little buggers had made a nice big happy colony between the cupboard side panels! A few hours of vacuuming and vinegar later, I’m hopeful; I’ll be doing everything but eating foods as I put them back into the cupboards (in every glass jar I can scrounge up)…

  6. Thanks for the tips. I will try them, although i have found them in my glass riCe cOntainer as well!! 😫😫 They are very Persist t!!

  7. They are the worst!
    I also wipe down with a touch of peppermint oil, leave out bay leaves and lavender. Pantry moths detest them.

  8. I live in michigan and grew up in the country i totally forgot about these pests,my mom and grandma used to do the viniger all the time. I had read that they do not like the cold hence the reason for the freezer. my pantry has a wind0w so i cleared my pantry out washed with viniger and water,got some traps then opened the window and sealed the room off it got pretty cold this winter and after a week i went in and rewashed with viniger and peppermint oil. i seen a couple of them but killed them ans sprayed the walls and cracks with water and peppermint oil so far so good. ill keep ya posted. good luck all.