Getting A Handle On My Silverware

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A while back I was cruising the aisles of the Depot and stumbled across this magical product (affiliate).  A while back, coincidentally, I was ALSO cruising the aisles of Homegoods and stumbled across this inexpensive and wild product. An idea was born.

Refinish your silverware with one easy product!

Not that I had an issue with the animal print, but for $8.99, hard not to use my zebra striped friends as guinea pigs.  Shocker #1… my  container of magical plastic dip was not- in fact- bright yellow as I was expecting. It was black. Had I noticed the tiny little label (and not the bright yellow on the can) I would have known this. No matter… it was still very easy and very cool.

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The first thing you need to do is hang the silverware so I rigged up this picnic basket. Sorry for the crummy pics.

Refinish your silverware with one easy product!

Turns out, this rubbery miracle is super easy to use. You simply dip the handle down into the can veeerrrrryyyy slowly (1″ every 5 seconds). The spoons required two coats which I assume has to do with how well the plasti-dip was stirred… the forks and knives only took one coat.

Refinish your silverware with one easy product!

Again, I didn’t mind the zebra stripes, but was curious to see how plasti-dip would work.. sorry to those of you cringing that I would defile this animal print cutlery (hi, Jill!). The finished product is definitely rubbery, but it’s also smooth and sort of unexpected.

Refinish your silverware with one easy product!

Refinish your silverware with one easy product!

Refinish your silverware with one easy product!

I’m mildly obsessed with this stuff and am keeping one eye out for things around the house that might benefit from spiffy new rubber handles… toothbrush? Markers? Tweezers? I mean anything you can dip would work, technically…endless possibilities.

Refinish your silverware with one easy product!


Refinish your silverware with one easy product!

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    1. I looked on the container and it doesn’t make any mention of the dishwasher… given that it’s for tools, etc… they probably underestimated the DIY gene. 😉 I’m not sure this silverware is even dishwasher safe or else I’d give them a whirl! I thought it could be fun for salad tongs or something!

  1. Wow! What a wonderful idea. I Google-searched this product and found a site that explains how to Plati-Dip your car. Can you imagine such a thing. Thanks for the inspiration. You’ve gotten my creative juices flowing as to what other ways this product could be used.

    1. Jane, That’s hilarious! I just noticed they have a custom color feature… every chair leg in my house might get the plasti-dip treatment!

      1. I was impressed with the dipping style you found, then found it also comes in a spray form. Hmmm. I could see me doing a different color for every chair leg. However, lol, my hubby would be less than thrilled to come home to such a colorful display. I wonder if it could be used on bracelets or other jewelry – ya know, a kinda Goth style? See, my mind is now busy scheming ways to use this fun product lol.

          1. LOL. Yeppers, Spray – how else would one be able to spray a whole car? Intriguing ides, huh? I’m about to call it quits for the night. Have chauffer duty for #3 Son for college classes and have Hubby to take to work prior to that. Shopping for the week to do while #3 Son’s in class, then home, unload, re-load some home-school stuff and across the river I go to St Lou to drop Home-school stuff and pick up Hubby from work. Just call me the “Taxi Lady” for now.

    1. Hi! And thanks… LOVE Plasti Dip. I will gladly give permission for you to use this image if the blog link is included with the image so people can track back to me. Now we just need kelly green Plasti Dip!! 🙂