How to Make Indigo Table Decor with a Rainbow Flower Arrangement

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Rainbow Indigo Planter, Tablecloth and Napkin Rings

how to make indigo planter, placemats, napkin rings, and a rainbow floral arrangement

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If you like indigo and rainbows and Oreos and freedom, then… you’re going to LOVE this post. I made a trio of indigo table decor: planters, placemats, napkin rings and topped it all off with a RAINBOW flower arrangement. Yep. You heard be correctly. All that awesomeness in one glorious rainbow indigo tablescape. I can only assume you want to know how so… keep on reading. (Full materials list at the end of the post!)

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How to Make Indigo Planters

Let’s start with the planters, because they’re my favorite and, can I say right now… unbelievably easy to make. The first thing you need to do is to measure the width of your planter… I found mine in store at JOANN and chose it because the sides were flat which made this all much easier.

Cut your fabric. I used a combination of hot glue and mod podge which was the key. Run a bead of hot glue along the edge of the planter to adhere the end of the fabric strip. Paint a heavy coat of mod podge on the side of the planter making sure you leave room at the corner for another bead of hot glue.

What made this project easy was using the hot glue to hold the fabric in place and then the mod podge is what smooths in place onto the planter. Continue working your way around the planter until the fabric has wrapped all the way around.

leave room at the edge for strip of hot glue

finished planters with fabric adhered

If you have a cutting wheel your fabric edges might be perfectly straight so you could consider your planter done right now. (Perhaps seal the edges a bit with another brush of Mod Podge.) I used scissors, so my edges weren’t the best, so I went over them with a 1/4″ length of satin ribbon. Really easy and adds a nice finishing touch.

use ribbon to cover the exposed fabric edge use ribbon to cover the exposed fabric edge

Planting a Rainbow Floral Arrangement

To make the rainbow florals, I obviously started by grabbing a nice selection of colorful faux florals. The only thing I kept in mind was how dense each flower was… i.e. I didn’t choose tiny delicate flowers, but opted instead for larger blooms like hydrangea or daffodils. Grab some wire cutters and cut off every flower about 3 inches from the top.

use wire cutter to cut flowers from arrangement

I used this floral foam in the planters and it’s super easy to work with. Use a flat spackle knife to cut each block to size as needed.  I laid out the flowers in rainbow order and then simply stuck them into the floral foam. Could not have been easier and the are so so so pretty against the indigo fabric!

rainbow floral arrangement

How to make simple fabric placemats

Full disclosure, I can sew about as well as I can drive a fighter plane so you should know that about me. You should also know that my sewing machine broke half way through this project so some of the edges have been adhered with fabric glue. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

how to make indigo placemats

Essentially you’re hemming four sides of a rectangle to make these. The fabric I selected is an outdoor fabric which is important since it’s a bit more durable and hopefully more washable. I folded the long edges over twice and pinned in place. I opted for about a 1/2″ hem, but this is aesthetic so you could absolutely create a wider band here. Once I’d sewed the long edges, I went back and folded over the short edges… and that’s it. Nothing fancy, but the fabric is the star so no need for fancy sewing tricks.

finished indigo fabric placemat

How to make indigo napkin rings

The key to this project is these unfinished wooden napkin rings. They’re a bit on the smaller side but worth it for how easy they were to make. Mark  your fabric to fit on the flat part of the napkin rings (easier to avoid the slight curve on the edge).

how to make indigo napkin rings

Apply with a heavy coat of Mod Podge and leave to dry. Told you this was easy.

napkin ring drying in frog tape

Together with some of my blue dishes, this is the prettiest tablescape I’ve made in a while and I love how the indigo looks against the rainbow florals… they seem to bring out the best in each other and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to part with this arrangement. Again, this tablescape is TOTALLY kid friendly which is always a huge bonus for me, but I could also see it on an elegant spring table with champagne flutes and formal dishes, couldn’t you?

rainbow florals with indigo table setting rainbow florals with indigo table setting rainbow florals with indigo table setting

So many ways to customize this project with both the fabric choice and the florals! Let me know if you try and and send me pictures if you do!

indigo planters with rainbow flower arrangement indigo planters with rainbow flower arrangement

Materials for Indigo Tablescape and Rainbow Centerpiece

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indigo centerpiece with rainbow florals

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  1. One could also put square glass vases with oasis inside the planters and use real flowers…these indigo projects are lovely!

  2. All if this is so good!! i’ve been looking fOr placemats, and am now inspired to make my owN. Using outdoor fabric is such a great idea.