Rainbow Kids Christmas Tree

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Colorful Kids Christmas Playroom Trees

My obsession with colorful trees has grown into a full ROYGBIV spectrum and they’re all displayed in our playroom this year!

rainbow christmas trees in the kids playroom

Thanks to my friend Chelsea from Two Twenty One for motivating me to formally decorate the kids space again this year for Christmas and hello if you’re joining from Annie’s sweet pink bow tree! Last year I introduced this blue turquoise tree in the girls’ shared room and I still love it to so much, but… I wanted to bring in some other friends! I’m a bad blogger and only shared this process on Instagram, but I decided to SPRAY PAINT a few of the white trees I had to get more of the colors of the rainbow that I couldn’t find online. Can you tell which ones are spray painted?? I wish I could tell you there was some clever technique, but I literally worked from the bottom of the tree up to the top, spray painting as much of each limb as I could! Up close, you can see the white needles a little bit through the spray-painted branches, but I don’t mind the effect.

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spray painted christmas tree

rainbow spray painted christmas trees

I also picked up some inexpensive plastic stars tree toppers from Amazon and spray painted those in coordinating colors to all the trees.

colorful stars on rainbow trees

colorful stars on spray painted christmas trees

I’m a terrrrrrrible tree decorator. I’m impatient. And I never know when I’ve added too much or not enough! So technically, I think these colorful trees would have looked just fine without a single ornament! That said, I happen to have a bunch of those non-breakable shatter-proof ornaments so I grabbed some and hung them by color to work with the bright colors of each tree.

colorful shatterproof ornaments on rainbow trees

colorful christmas tree with bright ornaments

You’ll notice that there are also some garlands and whatnot on some of the trees…. They’re paper and could NOT be easier to make. I literally punched out circles from card stock and fed them through my sewing machine. I made these paper ornaments last year, which would have been a great addition to these trees as well!

rainbow trees with paper garland rainbow trees with paper garland

Another lazy tree decorating hack that I discovered was I picked up one of these LED light strands with the clear photo clips (like this) and then I simply clipped more paper circles here. Instant lighted circle garland to coordinate with the one I just sewed.

led photo clip and paper circles as garland

Hanging on the door is a third garland that didn’t feel quite right on any of the trees because It was multi-colored, but I wanted to mention it because of the sheer simplicity. I literally bought a bag of pom poms and strung them with a needle and thread. The entire bag of pom poms cost between $10 and $15 but I didn’t use all of the pom poms and… I could choose the colors and patterns I wanted!

garland hanging on door with rainbow trees

colorful rainbow trees in playroom

When I first photographed these trees, I had them clustered together behind the yellow chairs and it just didn’t work. I moved them around the playroom and I LOVE how they all look peppered around this colorful space. I used some leftover fabric from the picture frames hanging on the wall as tree skirts and couldn’t be happier with how fun and colorful this room looks for Christmas!

rainbow christmas trees colorful trees in playroom

Shamless plug: If you haven’t already, make sure you check out my 12 Days of Ornament series currently happening on the blog. Today is Day 7 and I’ve shared some GOOD ones. Promise. All simple with minimal materials.

12 days or ornaments

Here comes the fun part. We get to see all the other fun kids spaces that my friends have put together for Christmas! Head over to The Lily Pad Cottage to see what colorful magic Kelly has worked on her kids tree!

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kids christmas trees

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  1. Wow!!! I love all your colored trees – it’s a room full of christmas and all decked out in color too! Amazing, Charlotte! (and I can totally relate to the ornaments – too much, too little). I’m going with an almost naked Tree this year! 🙂