Rainbow Mantel and Christmas Tree with Colored Lights

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Colorful Christmas Decor and Mantel

Our new rainbow LED Christmas tree inspired an easy colorful Christmas mantel!

colorful Christmas twinkly christmas tree

Earlier this fall I was invited to preview some of the Home Depot’s holiday decorations and like Jack and Rose on the deck of the Titanic this rainbow LED beauty (affiliate) caught my eye across the room. Here are the nuts and bolts of the Twinkly tree: it runs off of an app and could not be easier to use. Because the lights are the superstar, I simply hung a bunch of white ornaments to offset the gorgeous rainbow lights!

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LED twinkly tree

You hold your phone up to the tree and it ‘maps’ the lights. Once you have the lights all mapped out, you can LITERALLY design how you want the lights to be down to the inch! Every color of the spectrum anywhere on the tree… it’s amazing. The tree also comes with a dozen or so color layouts already programmed, and I’m lazy so I just stick with the rainbow layout! Click here for all the tree details… I’m BEYOND happy with it!

Moving on to the mantel. I have lots of these little ceramic Christmas houses. Some were gifted but most of them were thrifted. You know the ones… little bakeries or cookie shops or fire stations. We’ve set them up in the past, but over the years I’ve realized that not only do they take up a LOT of space, but they’re also a little plain for my taste so I never ended up setting them up. (I always get asked about those portraits… they’re from this amazing etsy shop.)

colorful painted houses on the mantel

So this year, I pulled out some of the thrifted houses and gave them a quick coat of spray paint. And just like that, these houses match the entire room and I love them!

spray painted christmas houses

At first, I added some larger bottle brush trees to either end of the spray-painted houses but they weren’t quite right so I moved them all to the top of that new brass etagere.

christmas decor in our living room

I replaced them with those colorful ceramic trees and I love how it looks. Spoiler: I have a few more similarly shaped ceramic trees, but I need to spray paint them so… stay tuned for an update. That garland is an old project so

ceramic trees on christmas mantel

I already had the pair of foo dogs on either end of the mantel, but they were feeling a little plain amongst the garland and the colorful houses. Using floral wire and a few faux sprigs, I was able to quickly make some dainty wreaths complete with tassels and bows to fit right over the foo dog head.

wreath on foo dog for christmas

Once I added some LED micro lights, the mantel came together and it’s the perfect compliment to that rainbow Twinkly tree.

led christmas tree in our living room christmas decorations

I made slightly larger versions of these wreaths for the two new Mitzi sconces also! The room has so much wonderful green that I didn’t need to go too crazy with the decorations. Especially since the LED tree is really the showstopper.

wreath on sconce light

christmas decorations in our living room

Stay tuned for my Christmas tablescape coming in the next week or two! And… set your calendars, 12 Days of Ornaments starts November 24 so you’ll have plenty of time to get some ideas and make some of your own ornaments!

garland on christmas mantel colorful christmas mantel christmas decorations in our living room

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rainbow christmas tree


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