Valentine’s Day Shadow Box

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LOVE shadow Box

marbled love shadow box

A bajillion blog years ago, I made this shadow box with lyrics from our first dance song and have always loved the effect! This year, I decided to follow the same formula and make something a little more generic… took no time whatsoever, and I love the sweet little nod to Valentine’s day! (Full materials list at the end of the post.)

Step 1. Marbleize

Marble the background paper. (You can totally skip this step, btw, if you want to just pick up some pretty decorative paper!) Cover a baking sheet with shaving cream. Drizzle craft paint onto the shaving cream and use a toothpick to swirl it back and forth.

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Place your paper onto the shaving cream and gently press down. Remove the paper and place on a second baking sheet. Use a straight edge (I just grab a piece of cardboard) to squeegee the shaving cream off of the paper.

Step 2. Hearts

Determine how large to cut out your hearts. Make a template and cut out four hearts. (In Step 3, I’m using stickers, so I took those dimensions into consideration when plotting my heart sizes.)

cut out paper hearts

Step 3. L-O-V-E

Place one letter in the center of each heart to spell “LOVE”.

place stickers onto paper hearts

Step 4. Add Tape

I used three squares of mounting tape to give the hearts some height.

Add tape to the back of the hearts

Step 5. Assemble

With spray glue, adhere the marbled paper to the back of the shadow box. (If using heavy paper, you can skip this step.) Evenly space the four hearts, and tape in place in a 2×2 grid.

place hearts onto picture frame

Tell me that wasn’t an easy Valentine’s Day project?! I think it looks so sweet and can tuck into a bookshelf to bring a little bit of February 14th into your decor!


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Gold Letter Stickers
Red paint
Pink Paint
Foam Shaving Cream
Pink paper
Mounting Tape


This easy marbled Valentine's Day shadow box is the perfect way to jazz up your shelf for February 14

XO Charlotte

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