Day 11: Mini House Scrap Wood Ornaments

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Use Scrap Wood to Make these Adorable Mini House Ornaments

Take leftover wood and paint it with colorful designs and make them into cute ornaments.

scrap wood ornaments

If there’s one thing I have in abundance, it’s scrap wood. Last year I made these cute mudcloth ornaments with scrap wood, and this year I’m making colorful little houses. Keep in mind that my drawing skills for these are those of a 15 year-old so someone with a little more time on their hands could easily make each of these houses mini works of art with window boxes and vines crawling up the sides and more! Reminder that full materials list for the entire ornament series is in my Amazon shop HERE and you can get caught up on all my past ornaments by clicking HERE.

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Step 1. Cut your scrap wood into house shapes

I used my miter saw and simply cut the top of my wood into roof-like shapes! Note: If you don’t have access to scrap wood, swing by your local lumber yard or Home Depot… they often have scraps in the specialty lumber aisle and a basic hand saw can be used to cut the roof of each ornament. Lightly sand to remove any rough edges.

cut scrap wood into house shapes

Step 2. Paint

I used acrylic craft paint and painted the top, bottoms and sides of each house with a different color. As always, if your style is more neutral, you can totally skip this painting step and go right to Step 3!

paint the scrap wood houses

painted scrap wood houses

Step 3. Add details

Using a paint pen (not a Sharpie pen) add details to each house. I stuck with windows and doors, but the sky’s the limit! This would be a really fun step to hand over to the kids and let them decorate each house with patterns and doodles.

add details to each house

Step 4. Add a hanging loop

I drilled a hole in the top of each ornament and then pulled a ribbon through. My ribbon hack for all of these ornaments has been to use some thin floral wire poked through one end of the ribbon and then thread it through the ornament like a needle. Note: if you don’t have a drill, then simply glue your ribbon onto the top of each ornament.

drill a hole for a hanging loop pull ribbon through the top of the ornament

scrap wood painted house ornaments

Materials for Scrap Wood House Ornaments

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