Spray Painted Christmas Planters

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Colorful Spray Painted Planters

Our new house doesn’t have nearly the porch situation that the old house did, but I’ve still had fun getting it ready for the holiday with these spray painted planters!

colorful spray painted planters

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JOANN and I am thrilled to put this Stops Rust paint to work!

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I wanted to bring some color to our front door and obviously spray paint was the first thing I thought of… JOANN has these amazing metal planters but I didn’t want them to rust and corrode over time. Enter… Rust-Oleum’s Stops Rust. I used it before on this stool makeover and was super impressed with the durable glossy finish. (Materials list at the end of the post.)

spray painted metal planters

Note, the Stops Rust spray paint takes a little longer to set up so make sure you follow the directions. I find that it remains tacky longer than the regular 2X formula, but it ultimately cures to a wonderful finish so it’s worth it! I gave two of the planters a couple of coats of Sunrise Red and then the other ones a couple of coats of Poppy Pink.

spray painting metal planters

I used my Cricut to cut out some mint colored vinyl trees for two of the planters. And to bring in a little color to the red planters, I used my hot glue gun to attach ribbon to the top and the bottom. The Stops Rust is durable enough to hold up to the hot glue gun… anyone who’s used hot glue knows that it’s pretty common for it to pull up any paint when you apply it.

adding vinyl decal to planter

adding ribbon to planter

JOANN has an amazing assortment of non-breakable ornaments. I strung a bunch of them onto wire and then placed them around the base of the evergreens in the larger planters. I was worried they would blow away without being wired together… it took 10 minutes so was an easy enough step to prevent ornaments scattered across our lawn.

ornaments around evergreen

I also added some of the same non-breakable ornaments to the wreath on the front door. Easy peasy.

ornaments on wreath

Hanging over the doorway are two adorable faux sprigs of cypress garland. They have wire loops on one end so I was able to screw in a small cup hook above to entrance. There were already screw eyes in place so I used some floral wire to help swag the garland over the doorway!

garland over the door

Six of the plants out front are real (the boxwoods and the four larger evergreens), and the two flanking the front door are faux so I won’t have to worry about them getting enough water. I made sure to drill a few holes in the bottom of the pink planters so that those arborvitae would have proper drainage.

colorful planter

standing on front christmas porch

It started raining before I could photograph the lights, but I added some exterior string lights to those metal lanterns. They’re set to a timer so I’m excited to have low-effort holiday ambiance when we pull up to the house!

lights in lantern

I’ve certainly said it before, but spray paint works magic. These planters were fine before I started, but bringing in some bold saturated color was exactly what I needed to begin pulling together our exterior for Christmas. And I know these will stand up to the elements so I won’t have to worry about them lasting all winter! JOANN carries other colors so check out all the options online!

colorful planters on front porch standing on front christmas porch

Christmas Front Porch Materials:

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