Day 8: Tiny Bottlebrush Tree Christmas Ornaments

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Mini Bottle Brush Tree Ornaments

I love these tiny little bottle brush Christmas trees with the colorful pots to hang on the tree.

bottle brush tree ornaments

I’m kinduva big fan of bottle brush trees so this year I wanted to find an easy way to make them into cute Christmas ornaments for my 12 Days of Ornaments series! These ornaments are adorable but I wish I had found COLORFUL bottle brush trees to use instead, so that would be my tip… if you can make these with colorful ornaments, do it! Reminder that I’ve linked ALL the materials I’ve used for my 12 Days of Ornaments series in my Amazon shop so head over there if you want to purchase any and all supplies!

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Step 1. Paint the mini pots

Using craft paint, give the mini pots a coat of paint. Let dry.

paint the terra cotta pots

Step 2. Attach the twine

Cut one length of twine (or ribbon) to about 24-inches, fold it over and tie the ends together. Add a wooden bead and then thread the folded end through the hole in the bottom of the terra cotta pot so that the pot is now resting on the wooden bead. With two small beads of hot glue, attach the twine to either inside edge of the pot.

string twine through pot glue the twine to either side of the pot

Step 3. Glue the bottle brush tree in place

Remove the bottle brush tree from its little wooden base. Usually you can just unscrew it. Glue two beads into the bottom of the terra cotta pot to elevate the bottle brush tree inside the pot. Glue the bottle brush tree into the top wooden bead.

glue beads into pot

glue bottle brush tree onto beads

Step 4. Finish the bottle brush ornaments

I used a tiny bit of polyfill to stuff around the base of the pot, but I’m sure there are other more imaginative options you could reach for!

add polyfill around bottle brush base

To finish the hanging loop, tie a knot, add a bead and then tie another knot at the top of the twine.

tie off the top of the twine over the bottle brush trees


12 days or ornaments

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bottle brush tree ornament

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