DIY Gold New Years Eve Decorations

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Family New Year’s Eve Celebration

New Years Eve decor

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Remember those fun gold disco balls I made before Christmas?! New Years is upon us and the Smith kids are getting ready for celebrations! We don’t let any of the kids stay up until midnight, but we do try to celebrate in other ways! Welcome to our family New Years Eve celebration! All materials are linked at the end of the post.

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family new years eve decor

I started by adding that fun framework on the wall. I used thin black painters tape and then went over a couple of the lines with shiny gold washi tape. Nothing will damage the wall so I can take it down whenever I want! When I saw that paper clock in amongst the decorative papers, I had to grab it, along with a record album frame… how cute is that for a little New Years Even artwork?

framework on wall with painters tape

new years eve wall decor

Those hanging gold disco balls were super easy to make, so check out the tutorial for how I made those.

gold disco ball for new years

The paper mache stars started out as plain cardboard ornaments but a coat of gold metallic paint and they fit right in with the disco balls.

moravian star transformation moravian star transformation

As festive as confetti looks, I think we can all agree it’s a pain in the neck. And when kids are involved, it will somehow end up spread around the entire house. In lieu of confetti, I used a single roll of basic gold ribbon. In some places I cut the ribbon into shorter lengths, but for most of the ‘confetti’ I just pulled out yards and yards of ribbon and draped it over the table.

NYE confetti

The vintage brass candlesticks are mine, but can we talk about those gorgeous colorful candles for a minute? When I saw the array of colors, I had to grab enough to make this fun gradation of color… I love how those soft colors look with all of the gold on the table.

candles on new years eve vignette

New Years Eve wouldn’t be complete without fun food and drink. I took some bottles of sparkling grape juice and painted them with a mixture of mod podge and extra fine gold glitter. When the glitter is mixed with the mod podge, it adheres to the surface without any coming off on your hands or the work surface… in other words, no glittery mess despite all that glitter!

gold glittered bottle gold glittered bottle

I also took some mod podge and glitter to those simple white pillar candles and scattered in some gold votive candles to add to the sparkle.

added glitter to pillar candles

I found a bunch of festive cookies and candies to serve and get the kids all sugared up.

NYE snacks

But we’ll also play our favorite NYE game with that brown paper wrapped chocolate bar. I shared this last year, but I’ll mention again because it’s a family favorite. All you need is a hat, gloves, knife, fork, die, and a paper wrapped bar of chocolate. Players sit in a circle and roll the die one at a time. If you roll a “6”, you get to put on the hat and gloves, grab the knife and fork and try to cut into the chocolate. While you’re trying to dig into the chocolate, the rest of the players keep passing and rolling the die. If someone else rolls a “6” they get to take over with the hat and gloves and do their best to get at the chocolate! Be prepared: this is NOT a mellow game. Ha!

NYE chocolate game NYE chocolate game

This little corner is so sparkly and celebratory. 2018 has been a tough year for us and we’ve done our best to keep things positive and upbeat for the kids. Simple celebrations like this are how we hope to keep our kids happy and optimistic so cheers for exciting things to come in 2019!

new years eve decorations

New Years Even Decor Materials:



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  1. Oh, I’m tempted to try the glitter trick you mention here. I love glittery things but glitter, man, that’s another story. This is Lovely and I hope 2019 is full of positive changes for your family.

  2. so cheery, bright and festive! love the sequin disco/ornament balls! But, what i really love is following your stories, feed, blog, You TUbe channel–all the thingsss! just keep guiding us through how to beat that darn, pesky algorithm! It is so pesky, i had look it up to make sure i spelled it right! happy new year!

  3. I am also Tempted to try the glitter. Now if I can just convince the fiance that there wont be a glittery mess this time. ??

  4. I love glitter! I am definitely going to try the CHAMPAGNE bottle TRICK. Love those disco balls, too. Looks like a simple dyi. Thanks!

  5. DEFINITELY going to try the glitter/mod podge bottles. Looks fun and festive. Hoping 2019 is a banner year for the Smith family!

  6. your new year’s eve decor is sPot on. It looks Very glam! I’d never have known this year has Been a toigh one for you because you always seem so cheerful. Here’s a toast to 2019! ??

  7. I always enjoy your collaborations with joann stores! These decorations are awesome and affordable.

    Now we need another joann instagram take over! That was my favorite.

    I’m sorry for all caps – no matter what i do the comment box won’t let me type lOwercase??? ??? just saw your disclaimer!! ???