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For the restaurant redesign, we had a budget of like $300 for artwork. Yep… alllllll the artwork. I wanted to give you a fun tutorial on how I made these graphic and colorful prints. Spoiler alert: it was stupid simple.

Simple and inexpensive $5 graphic wall art.

I started by finding some basic graphics online of nautical knots. Obviously, you can find whatever graphic your heart desires here… Using PicMonkey or some other photo editing software, I blew these up enormous and changed the color to be the lightest gray I could print. (I suspect you could accomplish the same thing just manipulating a photocopier in case the idea of photo editing makes your eyes cross.)

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Simple and inexpensive $5 graphic wall art.

These files were sent off to Staples for engineer prints. Cheap and big. I toyed with just photocopying the graphics and then transferring them onto a large piece of paper, but… this pale gray is the perfect outline to work with. We loved the idea of contemporary pops of color for the restaurant art, so I used blue and green and then a neon orange to color over each knot. The frames were on sale at JoAnn and are a clean and simple black. I outlined the image and then went back being neat about how I colored it in!

Simple and inexpensive $5 graphic wall art.

Simple and inexpensive $5 graphic wall art.

This was actually a fun mindless coloring project, but I love the impact of the bold print. It looks much cooler than a $15 frame and a $3 photocopy doesn’t it?

Simple and inexpensive $5 graphic wall art.

Simple and inexpensive $5 graphic wall art.


Simple and inexpensive $5 graphic wall art.


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    1. HAHA. If you have ANY photoshop insight, PM me… I can ‘barely’ accomplish the simplest things still. I’m excited to try this with a different image for one of the kids rooms!! 🙂 xx