Spring Video House Tour

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Do you ever visit a blogger’s house tour and think everything looks so pretty but you don’t really feel like you get the space? Today I’m diving into the deep end, folks.  Yep… A VIDEO house tour.  Basically a chance for me to go bla bla bla…. here’s a room… bla bla bla…. here’s another room!

Video House Tour At Charlotte's House

Here’s what you’ll see:

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  • A few changes we made to the family room furniture layout.
  • Frank the dog. The slightest bump gets him up to greet the potential visitor/ intruder.
  • Allllllll the rooms. Including the dated master bath that gets NO time on the blog as well as the kids’ bathroom. (Yes, that IS always in the shower in there.)
  • You’ll also get a better peek at our circa 1970s kitchen… not many ways to make this space look blogworthy!
  • Where they actually photographed the ombre file cabinet for Better Homes and Gardens (i.e. NOT where it is now)
  • Where each of my spring tour vignettes are set up… tucked in lots of nooks and crannies.
  • A classy stash of toilet paper in our vintage bathroom

Here’s what you will not see. Never ever.

  • Inside closets or the pantry.  The pantry’s actually in good shape, but why set a precedent ya know?
  • Moi.  Accept for one rogue reflection.
  • The garage.  I like myself some camera time, but I don’t need A&E’s Hoarders production team showing up.
  • Our yard.  It’s still so so sad out there… all snowy and gray. Boo.
  • The kids. I love you guys sooooo much that I used the 45 minutes of kid free time to tidy and video the house. I mean, that’s alotta love right there!

If you’re at work, then don’t worry about listening to me yap… I probably don’t say anything that mindblowing. Check that… I DEFINITELY don’t say anything that mind blowing.  And be warned that I do an awkward spin move in the last minute that will make you sick and serves no purpose other than to wrap up the video in a choppy totally ungraceful manner. #mybad

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hi Charlotte! Loved the house tour — totes jealous of your space and collection of nooks and crannies. What a fun home for your children to play hide-and-seek in! Am impressed with your reupholstery fearlessness. We have an arm chair in the living room that needs replacing or new life… and I have been recently thinking reupholstery may be best as I have found nothing in stores or online with rolled arms that echo the leather couch OR a high wing back where the husband likes to nippy nap. We’ll see. But I may have to have it done for me and stick to recovering chair seats and making pillows for now.

    Again — thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks for watching it all, Kathleen!! I’ve gotten more and more fearless with upholstery as I’ve gone through all this, but… I still haven’t tackled a real stuffed armchair yet. That’s NEXT! If your confident about the condition of your item (i.e. no worry about odors or other ickiness from a thrift store or something) then you could also consider a slipcover… they tend to be a bit cheaper and you obviously have the flexibility of washing and changing it out. I usually buy my stuff so cheap and icky that I’m thrilled to strip it all down via reupholstery when I save the money to bring it in!
      Good luck!!

  2. I love it! I love that you showed the done and in-progress spaces. I think it’s overwhelming, sometimes, to think about doing a home tour when everything is not magazine ready. I love your style and your home and your sense of real!

    1. Thanks, Candace! It’s amazing what you DON’T see in your own home on a daily basis… the piles of crap, the duct tape holding this or that together. We all have it. The camera can be a nice way to point out those things… or let you know what to ignore! 🙂

  3. I loved your house tour, the very first one I’ve seen done on video! What a difference it makes, I felt like I was in for a visit and you were giving me a tour. The natural light you get in your home is wonderful and all of that awesome space, drool! My favourite part, how comfortable and real your home is! Lovely!

    1. So sweet, Laurie! When it’s sunny we get the best light! After years of apartment dwelling in NYC… it’s nice to finally have a sunny home! With 4 kids, comfort is big… no coffee table vignettes for me I’m afraid. “Lived in” is the main aesthetic. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video! xx

    1. Just do it!! I think folks love to see the dirty little secret spaces. 🙂 It’s a fun chance to show off your home, but you do have to run around stuffing closets a bit… keeping it real is one thing, but underwear on the floor is another! xx