Frozen 2 Craft Projects

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Frozen 2 Fleece Cape and Kids Activities

We had so much fun with these Frozen 2 craft projects and activities!

frozen 2 projects and activities

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JOANN and we are so appreciative they afforded us such a fun afternoon with Frozen 2!

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One of the things all the kids have insisted we do during Christmas vacation is go to see Frozen 2 in the theaters. In eager anticipation for the movie, I thought it would be fun to make some Frozen 2 craft projects! From Frozen 2 capes to cooking to jewelry to gingerbread… we had all the bases covered for a super fun Frozen afternoon!

How to Make a Frozen 2-inspired Fleece Cape

Ever since I sewed these fun present ottomans, I’ve been moderately obsessed with fleece. JOANN has a full selection of Frozen 2 themed fleece so I picked up a couple yards of two different version along with lots of fun ‘Scandinavian’ trim details (faux fur, ribbon, bobble clasps…). When I share a sewing project, I have to give the same disclaimer: I. Am. No. Sewist. I know how to make my needle go forward and backward and that’s pretty much the extent of my sewing ability… in other words, if I could make these capes, anyone can make these capes.

Step 1. Sketch a pattern

For me, this meant looking online for the basic shape of a cape, and then measuring the girl’s shoulders, the size of the head opening and then the length.  I made two different versions of the cape, but followed the same template for both!

cape pattern

Step 2. Cut the fabric

Using your template (I just used a large piece of leftover packing paper), I cut out each piece of the cape from my fleece. Make sure you’re working with the right side of the fabric oriented as you want it and keep in mind any seam allowance (mine was about 1/2-inch).

cut out the fabric for the cape

Step 3. Sew the main body of the cape

With the right sides of the fabric facing each other, sew the two side seams of the cape.

sew the body of the cape together

Step 4. Add embellishments

Here’s where you can get creative… for Martha’s Olaf cape, I added an extra piece with fur sewed along the bottom edge. I didn’t get the shape perfect here, and in hindsight, I made the cape piece a little too wide… I should have simply cut from the same template as the main cape.

collar for fleece cape added fur to one cape

For Louisa’s Elsa/ Anna cape, I kept it simpler and added a sweet collar but nothing else.

collar for else and anna cape

On both capes, I sewed some decorative ribbon. Because fleece doesn’t really unravel, I didn’t worry about hemming or unfinished edges, but I did sew some edge tape on Louisa’s cape just for the aesthetics. I also added those cute clasps… very Norwegian!

decorative embellishments for frozen 2 capes decorative embellishments for frozen 2 capes

martha and louisa frozen capes

And just to include Arthur in the fashion show, I used some leftover fleece to make him a scarf. It’s literally an 8-inch length of fleece with tassels cut along either end. I.e. no sewing.

kids frozen 2 fleece scarf

Frozen 2 Craft Projects

We have an individual egg maker and the older kids LOVE the independence it affords them. Image how thrilled they were, when this snowflake waffle maker arrived! The waffles were delicious and it’s a foolproof way to make the most adorable warm Frozen snacks!

frozen 2 waffle maker frozen 2 waffle maker

JOANN has a whole section of Frozen 2 themed activities, and my kids were DYING to make these sweet gingerbread houses. Everything comes premixed so all I had to do was help them assemble the gingerbread house (hack: use a hot glue gun or sewing pins to keep the house in place… I find it’s easier than relying on the frosting alone!)

frozen 2 gingerbread houses

frozen 2 gingerbread housesfrozen 2 gingerbread houses Finally, Eleanor spent the ENTIRE afternoon making all of these sweet Frozen 2 bracelets. The instruction book told her a little about the themes of the movie, but also showed her how to make a variety of sweet bracelets. She made one for every member of the family and I’m wearing mine as I type!

frozen jewelry kit frozen jewelry kit

This time of year, it’s cold and dreary and having an afternoon of crafting and imagining and singing and dancing was exactly what we needed! All of these sweet Frozen 2 projects have us even more excited to see the movie!

fun with Frozen 2 activities fun with Frozen 2 activities

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frozen 2 projects

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