How to Make Spray Painted Rainbow Pottery

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DIY Fiesta Ware From Thrifted Vases

I spray painted this thrift store pottery to make this fiesta ware inspired rainbow pottery.

spray painted rainbow pottery

Disclosure: I partnered with Colorshot spray paint for this post. I love my new rainbow vase collection!

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I made this easy rainbow pottery wall from ten dollars of thrifted pottery and Colorshot spray paint. I am thrilled with the results and am thinking of painting another batch to make the collection even bigger! My inspiration was colorful Fiesta Ware and the results are impeccable!

painted thrifted pottery

Step 1. Go buy some Pottery

I picked up vases in a variety of shapes and sizes. All of mine have smooth finishes similar to Fiesta Ware, but you could certainly play around with textured surfaces. Colorshot makes both a glossy and a matte clear coat that I was hoping to play around with but… then we moved. I’ll update this post if I get around to another batch so you can see the different top coats! 

thrifted pottery

Step 2. Remove the stickers

If you’ve ever shopped at Goodwill then you know that removing 3+ price tags is the first part of any project. I use lemon essential oil or this Goo Gone to make it super easy. Just let it sit on the price tag for a few minutes and then it will peel right off.

remove the pricetag stickers

Step 3. Clean

Especially after removing the pricetag, but a good idea regardless, clean your piece before spray painting.

clean the surface of the pottery

Step 4. Spray paint

Make sure you prep your area. There will be overspray, so cover everything within a few feet and be aware of what’s behind the item you’re spraying. (Ask me how I know…) It’s not a bad idea to wear a mask to protect from the fumes as well. 

prepare the area for spray painting

Tips: When spray painting it’s always better to do more light coats than less heavy coats. It’s really tempting to cover something in one fell swoop, but you’ll risk things like drips which are annoying to clean up.

light coats of spray paint

Follow the directions on the can for dry/ cure/ recoat time. I was spray painting in slightly cooler temps than recommended so I let mine sit a little longer than necessary. 

one coat of spray paint

Once I lined them all up on the shelf, I was SO pleased with not only the coverage, but also the smooth finish. These honest to goodness look like they were purchased in these colors. Our new house has the perfect little shelves for these guys, but I need to add more! Off to the thrIft store I go!

rainbow colored spray painted pottery rainbow colored spray painted pottery rainbow colored spray painted pottery

I’m using the following Colorshot colors: Aromatherapy, Island Girl, Scuba, Cash, Emoji, Cosmo, Clear Skies, Splash, Mermaid, With a Twist, Summer Pedicure, Farmer’s Daughter. (You can see all the available colors here… spoiler: SO many!)

rainbow Colorshot spray paint

Which color is your favorite and what would you paint with it?

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