How to Plant a Terrarium

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If there’s one thing I LOVE, it’s a gorgeous lush terrarium. I shared a How To tutorial years ago and it’s awful. The information ain’t all bad, but Eleanor could probably take better pictures with her lego phone. So when my amazing friend Cindy helped me design my GORGEOUS logo for At Charlotte’s House, I wanted to give her a thank-you gift and decided to try my hand at this terrarium tutorial one more time! (Full material list at the end of the post… affiliate links included for your convenience.)

Plant your own lush green terrarium.

How to Plant a Terrarium

Step 1. Choose a container

I buy my containers at Homegoods in their glass section. The one I’m showing today was $12.99 but usually they’re well under $10! Just pick one that’s more than 2-inches deep in order to accommodate your plants!

Shop my favorites!

Plant your own lush green terrarium.

Step 2. Gravel

The first layer of the terrarium is approximately an inch of gravel. The gravel allows the soil to effectively drain and will hopefully prevent the roots from getting water logged!

Plant your own lush green terrarium.

Step 3. Charcoal

The second layer is charcoal. The gravel helps filter the terrarium and keep things healthy! Just a thin layer is all you’ll need.

Plant your own lush green terrarium.

Step 4. Potting Soil

Fill the container with enough potting soil to cover whatever plants you have! If potting succulents, you’ll need soil specifically for succulents and cactus (it’s sandier to allow for better drainage!).

Plant your own lush green terrarium.

Step 5. Plant your plants!

Gently squeeze the bottom of your pot to release the plant. Lightly pinch the root ball of the plant to soften it up, and place in potting soil. Add more soil if needed to cover the entire root.

Plant your own lush green terrarium.

Step 6. Decorate

Optional: fill in around your plants with decorative gravel, or pebbles or small twigs… give it your creative flare!

Plant your own lush green terrarium.

Plant your own lush green terrarium.

Terrarium Materials

Is that not the simplest thing EVER! Place the terrarium in a sunny spot and keep the soil moist and you’re in business! A tutorial video is below, but I’d LOVE you to head over and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel too!


Plant your own lush green terrarium.

XO Charlotte

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