Make a Mad Science Lab With Household Items

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Last Minute Mad Scientist Halloween Decor

We made this spooky mad science Halloween specimen lab using simple household items!

easy mad science lab

Last year I decked out our house for a Halloween photo shoot and one of my favorite set ups was the “Mad Science Lab”! I scurried around and found just about everything I needed for a super spooky science lab set up without getting anything too fancy. See what household items I used below!

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setting up an easy mad science lab

I started with a trip to the dollar store and grabbed everything that looked like ‘formaldehyde green’: dish soap, hand soap, and Mountain Dew. I also picked up some highlighters; if you pull the guts out of a highlighter and place in a jar of water, you get this amazing fluorescent liquid! They also make neon food coloring, so I used the yellow food coloring in water for a couple of the science jars.

eyeball chewing gum

mad science lab

For the contents of the mad science lab… here’s what worked for me: spaghetti, dollar store spiders and other plastic critters, and dollar store skulls and bones (similar ones here). I found eye-ball chewing gum for one of these, but you know what else works? Grapes. The last thing I love to include are these green water beads…. if you haven’t discovered them… you need to. SO fun even when they’re not being used in a mad science lab.

fun materials for mad science lab

mad science lab materials

For containers, I have an array of glass vessels: the science beakers are from the craft store last year, but the other glasses are simple jars and containers I grabbed from the thrift store! One thing that makes them look extra spooky is the addition of science lab labels. I found mine here: specimen jar labels and creepy science lab labels.

containers for science lab

Other little fun details? I snapped some glow sticks before taking these pictures and dropped them into a handful of the containers. I also turned on our black light for a few photos just to show you how cool the highlighter looks! These LED lights got lost in the mail, but I thought they would have been another really cool effect!  And it doesn’t come across in pictures, but I have some denture cleaning tabs to drop in to the water and Mountain Dew to bubble like a potion!

glow sticks for science lab

black light science lab

That skeletal bird was at Goodwill, but JOANN has something similar here. That toad is from last year, but I’ve linked a similar one here. I scattered some bugs and those fun eyeballs, but the rest of the set up is left to the mad science vessels! Easy peasy!

mad science lab decor halloween science lab

Leave me a message with some of your favorite mad-science ingredients! What’s the spookiest thing you have in YOUR kitchen!

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creepy mad science lab for halloween

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