One-Minute Napkin Rings

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Simple Boho Napkin Rings

Quick and easy one minute napkin ring

One of the things I love about the holidays is SETTING A TABLE! I made over our dining room for the One Room Challenge years ago, and I loved the idea of a fun eclectic tablescape. I was able to find a fun mix of items from my own stash as well as Michaels (chargers), Marshalls (large white plates), Goodwill (fish dishes) and etsy (lucite silverware). But when I went to set the table… I needed napkin rings. And fast. These took me LITERALLY a minute each to make and… I kinda love them! (Material list at the end of the post!)

Quick and easy one minute napkin ring

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Step 1.

Cut about four-inches off the end of your wire.

cut the wire for the napkin ring

Step 2.

Thread one end of the wire through the eye hook.


Step 3

Thread BOTH ends of the wire through the wooden bead.

thread the wires through the curtain ring eye hook

Step 4

Thread the tassel on one end of the wire.

tassel through the wire

Step 5

Thread both ends of the wire through the jewelry crimp and pinch flat with your pliers.

crimp the ends with the needle nose pliers

I couldn’t make it any easier if I tried! I had a few different tassels on hand so I used a variety of colors. Don’t like the raw wood of the curtain rings? Paint them first! It doesn’t get much simpler than this…. and these guys will be making many appearances at our dining room table!


(Affiliate links included for your convenience)
– Wooden curtain rings with eye screws
– Bead
Jewelry wire
– Jewelry crimp tubes


napkin ring at table setting

pile of finished napkin rings

I made a quick video so you could *see* it come together… if that’s easier. Ignore the old blog name… this was originally posted before I rebranded!


quick and easy boho napkin rings


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