Our Christmas Playroom

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Holiday Kids Space

christmas playroom

A few weeks ago, I had the fun opportunity to decorate our playroom for Christmas! It’s not a space that I typically consider for Christmas, but I’m SO glad I did.

holiday decor playroom

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Obviously, this space gets tons and TONS of kid traffic so I couldn’t bring in anything too cute or fragile. I adore bottle brush trees and they’re basically indestructible so… I started by unpacking all of those first.

bottle brush trees in playroom

bottle brush trees

An Instagram follower suggested I wrap those square ottomans… genius. That rose pink was also something I wanted to bring into the rest of the Christmas decor, so I peppered in some pink candles and a handful of pink ornaments and trees on the table and the mantle.

wrapped ottomans

Two simple wreaths hang in front of the windows. I added a few of the same pink ornaments and hung them with a simple green ribbon.

playroom for christmas

One day we will light a fire in that fireplace and this little room will be the coziest, but for now, I added some of those sweet houses and a cluster of trees to the hearth.

christmas playroom fireplace

(Full disclosure: I have since moved those trees and houses. That’s where a couple bins of toys usually sit so I figured those should take priority what with it being a playroom and all.)

fireplace in playroom

Normally our Christmas cards get gathered in a bowl, but this year, I thought it might be fun to display all those cards on our art gallery wire instead! I love having them on display and seeing all our friends and their smiling faces all month! Louisa unpacked her Christmas dresses and has been on a solid rotation with them since November.

hanging christmas cards

stuffed giraffe

Just tonight, the kids were in the playroom playing “Balloon Ball” which is an elaborate game that involves mascots and team names and… racing around batting at a balloon. So far, all of the decor in here has stayed in tact (knock on wood), and the kids LOVE to have a little bit of Christmas in here.

details of christmas mantle

santa on mantle in playroom

Given the current state of our house, this playroom is one of the only Christmas-ified spaces, but I’m hoping to add some more in the next few days. Better late than never!

trees by mantle

sitting with louisa in playroom

To see more about our playroom, click here!

holiday space


decorating a christmas playroom... color and lights for the kids!

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  1. So cute! Here’s what I really love about your blog-keeping it real! I like that you add, “Better late than never” one of my favorite lines…It’s a busy world, and I love that you make me feel better about it. I’m just now catching up on emails that I never get to during the normal work weeks. On vacation, and catching up now. Keep being real! Happy new year!