15 Minute Fall Wreath

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DIY Autumn Wreath

diy fall wreath

I went dark on you for a few days! SOOO sorry! I’m having a ‘just like that, fall arrived’ moment here, but… I’m not quite ready to jump in with both feet. As I’ve been looking around for fall decor, I’ve seen SO many gorgeous wreaths at places like Homegoods and Michaels. Care to guess the price point of said wreaths? Some of them are $60+ dollars! So when Michaels had a 50% off sale on their fall florals, you better believe I pounced! To cap it all off… I found this wreath form at Goodwill for $3. With the discount, each clusters was $3…. I bought 7 of them so… this whole wreath cost less than $30. Twice as nice for half the price!

materials for diy fall wreath materials for diy fall wreath materials for diy fall wreath

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make your own fall wreath

Aside from your floral sprigs, you’re going to need super thin floral wire and a way to cut it!

Floral wire and scissors

Step 1. Wrap the garland

Using thin floral wire, attach the garland to your wreath form every few inches.

diy-fall-wreath-6 attach garland to wreath

Step 2. Dry fit floral clusters

Decide how you want your clusters to fit together. I just laid one on top of the other, so the flowers of one would cover the stem of the one after it! If necessary… consider using wire clippers to separate individual ‘twigs’ from each floral cluster.

place flowers on wreath

Step 3. Attach florals

Pre cut floral wire into 5-inch lengths, and one at a time, wrap each cluster towards the bottom and towards the top.

make your own floral wreath

diy fall wreathThat’s IT! You’re essentially connecting 8-10 things to a wreath form! Come back to see this wreath in Fall action when I share my fall home tour! (Also… did you see what exciting new project I have coming up?!)

pin-me-pin-meI LOVE a seasonal wreath but they can be SO expensive! This one cost half the price of the others and only took 15 minutes to make!

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