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Have I mentioned I love unicorns?!


All the best unicorns from around the web

Forgive me this indulgence… I love decorating a kids room because I can let loose a bit when it comes to color and pattern, but I’m also not afraid to throw in all those whimsical little things that I would have liked in my own room eons ago! Hence… this ENTIRE post dedicated to, yep, the UNICORN. All three of my girls enjoy a unicorn. It’s not an obsession or anything, but they’ll happily include one in their decor. (Affiliate links included for your shopping convenience!)

Shop my favorites!

Bright and eclectic fuchsia girls bedroom
Eleanor’s Fuchsia Room

Here’s why I LOVE a unicorn.

1. It can be cute and girly as well as a bit more sophisticated and grown up. Sure… you’re probably not going to find a unicorn table lamp in the Queen of England’s she-shed, but… something like this gold lamp could totally work as an adult woman’s desk lamp.


2. Unicorns often come with rainbows. And I love rainbows because they match anything. OK, maybe not anything, but ROYGBV… so lots of choices. This all a fancy way of saying that unicorns are also a gateway to rainbows. Bring on the rainbows!


3. Unicorns stand for hope and imagination and magic. I’m totally down with ALL of those things. If I can wear something with a pithy little saying on it share that with the world… why not?!


4. Something about a unicorn makes me feel happy. I don’t know why. Is it everything I mentioned above? The magic… the glitter... the rainbows. Who knows. It’s happy without being suuuuuper childish (in my opinion). A unicorn can be subtle… or exaggerated. Sometimes you want a little unicorn… sometimes you want a lot!


As you can see, I pulled all my favorite unicorn items from around the web… here they all are in one image… click each item to see the direct link!


I LOVE unicorns and there are so many good ones here to choose from!

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