BHG Stylemaker Event 2017

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Don’t go thinking my photography has improved overnight… most of these amazing pictures were taken by the talented David Keith photography.

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to gather with my people in Brooklyn, NY. Bloggers and makers and lovers of design came together for the annual Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker event.  It’s simultaneously inspirational and aspirational as friends and mentors and style leaders come together to teach, laugh and share stories. The venue this year was the stunningly chic 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge overlooking lower Manhattan and STEPS from the bridge.

bhg stylemaker event hotel bhg stylemaker event hotel

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Many of my blogging pals were there so I went in the day before the event so we could visit with each other and do a little sight seeing. We headed into Washington Square Park and walked uptown to Union Square and the ABC Carpet and Home Store. Picture Anthropologie on steroids: add a couple of 0s, throw on some diesel fuel and toss in a match… THAT’s ABC Carpet and Home.

NYC before the stylemaker event
L-R: Haneen’s Haven / Two Twenty One / Me / Life on Virginia Street
NYC before the stylemaker event
ABC Cocina
Dylan's Candy Bar
Dylan’s Candy Bar

The event started on Thursday morning with a breakfast approximately 935% better than the raisin bread I typically have each day.  The event has sessions with facilitators like editors from BHG, consultants, creaters, and stylists. We had the chance to hear from Editor-in-Chief Stephen Orr, Executive Editor Oma Ford, and Food Editor, Nancy Hopkins (who Instagram tells me left the Stylemaker event for Italy… #takemewithyou!); we saw examples of how articles in the magazine tell stories. We heard about the importance of knowing your own brand… hat tip to Grant Schneider for anecdotally bringing up thongs in his hilarious presentation.

Morning sessions at the BHG Stylemaker EVent
L-R: Me / Southern State of Mind / This is Our Bliss

Morning sessions at the BHG Stylemaker EVent

Morning sessions at the BHG Stylemaker EVent
L-R: The House of Wood / City Farmhouse / Me

Lunch was delicacy on top of delicacy. Seconds for dessert seemed like the polite thing to do. Afternoon sessions included a group food styling session, hearing from the CEO of online design company Havenly and a hands on session with Purl B Knit. Also… NBD, just chatting up the BHG Big Dog at lunch.

Afternoon sessions at BHG Stylemaker Event

Afternoon sessions at BHG Stylemaker Event

Afternoon sessions at BHG Stylemaker Event

food styling with BHG stylemakers

Did I mention the snacks and the soda bar and how stylish my friends were? Although… probably in the opposite order. That would be nicer of me, huh?

L-R: Me / A Southern State of Mind / Two Twenty One
L-R: Me /  Southern State of Mind / Two Twenty One


snack session at BHG Stylemaker
With Life on Virginia Street

The culmination of the event was a stylish cocktail party with sunset and the New York skyline as our backdrop. Of course we spent most of the time trying to get the perfect Boomerang. (#nailedit)


L-R: Me / Southern Heather / This is Our Bliss / The Heathered Nest
L-R: Me / Southern State of Mind / This is Our Bliss / The Heathered Nest

Oh yeah. Hipsters, aka mixologists,  were present. Need I say more?


I know this was only a day, but boy oh boy did it fill my bucket to have a chance to feel pampered. I was treated to a day with friends and food and flowers and fabulosity! Finding inspiration comes from lots of places when you’re a creator- magazines, catalogs, nature, travel… and sometimes just being around a group of like-minded rockstars is the boost a gal needs!

friends at the Better Homes and Gardens stylemaker event
L-R: The Heathered Nest / Me / Southern State of Mind / This is Our Bliss / Life on Virginia Street / Eleven Gables
With Haneen's Haven
With Haneen’s Haven
L-R: This Is Our Bliss / A Southern State of Mind / So Much Better With Age / Me / A Heathered Nest
L-R: This Is Our Bliss / Southern State of Mind / So Much Better With Age / Me / The Heathered Nest


Thanks again to the team at Better Homes and Gardens for putting together such a delightful day for all of us, but mostly thanks for seeing past my hygiene habits and deeming me a “Stylemaker” for 2017! Getting my tattoo font picked out now! (Kidding. Kind of.)

stylemaker event in brooklyn

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  1. Man, you are hilarious! Which makes me love you even more cuz my friends got to be funny 😉 I so enjoyed spending time with you in NY last week. I love your style and your energy. You’re an inspiration, girl.
    Hugs, Jamie