The Calm Before the Storm- ORC Week 2

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ORC Week 2 Progress

see what I worked on this week for the ORC

Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I’m waiting on a couple of deliveries. Specifically, wallpaper, lighting and… goodies for a last minute plan for the floor situation. Reminder that this is the design masterpiece that is our third floor bathroom:

third floor bathroom before makeover

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Until those arrive, I figured this would be the perfect week to quickly build a table for the back wall, prep the floor and take care of a new shower curtain.

The bathroom has a small cabinet so I didn’t *need* storage, but because the sink is a wall mount, there’s no place for folks to place a toilet kit or a hair dryer or a book.  I copied the build plans of my North South Maker’s podcast partner in crime, Erin Spain but altered it to suit our bathroom. I made the bench she made taller and wider and added a shelf on the bottom just to balance the look a bit.

It’s a super easy build… I was able to use one 14 foot 2×12 and 2 1/2 inch kreg screws. I stained it Dark Walnut by Minwax in order to coordinate with the exposed beam in the space. I’m a little bit in love.

sneak peek of the table in the bathroom

For the shower curtain, I’m using my favorite trim trick:  ball fringe. I found a plain white shower curtain that fit the tiny little shower in there. Then I pinned and sewed my ball fringe on either side of the curtain. Easy peasy, and such a fun update to a basic shower curtain.

ball fringe on the shower curtain

As for the floor… I’m taking a gamble on this one. After our master bathroom makeover, the thought of pulling up another adhesive floor made me weak kneed. Especially since I don’t have the budget to replace the toilet. So I’m painting it. There are only a thousand blog posts out there about how someone has painted their floor and most of those folks swear by it… but then I go into the paint store and I’m given a look of a madwoman when I mention painting my vinyl floor. But still I go forth…

painting the bathroom floor

Stay tuned for a tutorial on how I’m taking on the floor in the coming weeks! For now… PREP!

That’s Week 2, folks. Click here to see plans for the space from Week 1! Don’t forget to head over to Calling It Home to see the link up where everyone shares their progress!

one room challenge week 2 title

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  1. I painted my daughter’s bathroom vinyl floor glossy white yearrrrrs ago. I touched it up for a previous ORc ( and it’s still going strong. I got the same reaction at the paint store but i’m like you – let’s try it. And it has worked perfectly for about 6 or 7 years. I think they are worried about people coming back and wanting money back or being disatisfied if something doesn’t work perfectly but you have to try things!! A brand new white marble bathroom floor isn’t lways in the cards !! 🙂 Go for it!! You Got this!

  2. I love that bench and may have to make that after I finish the one room challenge. Adding the ball trim the the curtain is such a great idea; it really spruces it up! I have not painted vinyl floors, but after painting our tile, I would DEFINITELY try it! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. This is going to be darling! Love the adorable update to the shower curtain. I say paint away (And I have been recently paint traumatized) 🙂 so that’s saying alot.

  4. I Did a “$5” budget refresh of our tiny master bath last year, which included using porch paint to transform the vinyl floor. I used white & theN painted gray stripes on. Still fine after 1 year, washes clean just like any floor.

    In other words, it works!