Blue-tiful Dining Room Source List

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I bring so many thrifted and flea market items into my decor that it’s a little tricky to put together a full source list, but… for the dining room I’ve made one that has lots of similar items so you can replicate the look if you like it!  A while back, I shared my design process… our dining room fits into this nicely! I pulled colors from a rug that I found at a local consignment store.

Dining Room Source List

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1. Macrame Wall hanging

I’m LOVING the retro texture of macrame and weaving these days. Not only can it cover a large wall area, but it’s also a little quirky and unexpected. I’ll be sharing my wall hangings soon, but for now, Urban Outfitter’s got you covered!

UO MAcrame

2. Portraits

These portraits are EVERYTHING. I found the amazing artist, Jessica Jorgensen on etsy and I will officially be getting Smith portraits done from her for eternity. She’s my artistic hero!

Martha portrait

3. Dishes

My grandfather had these dishes and I ended up with them when he passed away. I gave them to my aunt a few years ago to complete her set, but last weekend, I found a whole stash of these beauties at Goodwill! That, my friends, is what we call a thrift SCORE. Excited to play around with table settings in there.

koi fish dinner plate

4. Dining Table

The table in our dining room is a classic farmhouse table with nice turned legs, etc. In the old house, it was taking a BEATING and covered with layer after layer of wax so I painted it with some chalk paint and polycrylic and it was perfection. In this new house, the white table with navy dipped legs felt a little casual and country.  I considered painting the whole table white, but ultimately went with a navy and it looks hot diggity. You’ll have to tune in next week for more details

One option

Or this one with flexible leaves

farmhouse table

5. Bar Cart

This item is a last minute addition… there’s one corner in the dining room that currently has this blue storage piece, but… it’s not quite right. For $40 and some shiny paint, I’m hoping my bar cart will be similar to this one!

Bar cart

6. Blue Chandelier

This is a less expensive option. 

And this is the one I bought.

This chandelier *may* be the reason I decided to do the One Room Challenge. I fell in LOVE with the subtle blue and the chic glass lines. The price of the one I got has gone up considerably, but keep an eye out as perhaps it will drop again. It’s just as amazing as it looks online!

blue glass chandelier

7. Round Mirror

For the wall over the sideboard, I wanted something round to balance the two macrame pieces.  I found a very un-cool mirror at the flea market and gave ‘er a little makeover. I love the simplicity of this bare wood frame. You can find lost of similar ones if you google “round wooden mirror.”

Target round mirror

8. Wooden beads

These wooden beads are just a fun accessory, and I love them. Something about those wooden beads is so serene and interesting.

wooden beads

9. Agate art

This was another gift from the blue and white heavens… I saw a piece of agate art pop up on someone’s IG feed a while back and then, boom…. this piece appeared in my cart at HomeGoods. It has all the blues I needed with a nice hint of silver metallic thrown in for good measure.  This isn’t the same one, but it’s similar!

agate art

10. Blue and White Curtains

(These are similar too!)

I shared a step by step of how I sewed my custom blue and white curtains from my favorite Lacefield fabric. These pre-made panels are the same color pattern and almost as wonderful!

amazon blue white curtains

blue white curtains overstock

11. Blue Dining Chairs

I found these at World Market and was able to snatch them up with a coupon and some gift cards one day. They’re really affordable and add some nice comfy seating. I love throwing in a couple of mismatched chairs. Especially around a table as big as this… it adds a little visual interest.

Blue World Market Chair

12. Mercury Glass Bowl

mercury glass bowl

13. Iridescent Candle Stick

glass candlestick

14. Glass Apothecary Jar

Glass apothecary

I was lucky enough to work with Luna Bazaar for this room and trust me when I tell you they have LOADS of amazing accessories. From mercury glass to tissue tassels to ornaments to throw pillows, they’ve got it. Their tag line is Inspired. Bohemian. Vintage. Decor which pretty much sums up my life. Such a treat to work with them!  I used the mercury glass bowl to display flowers, the candlestick is tucked amongst all the other glass candlesticks and the apothecary jar is a STAR on the sideboard filled with mini LED lights.

There you have it! Our dining room’s doppleganger right here in online sources!  If there’s anything else in the space you’re curious about, leave a comment and I’ll do my best!  I officially have ONE more project to finish before I can shoot and POST this beauty! Woohoo! Thanks so much to all of you for the encouragement and wonderful comments throughout this makeover!

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