DIY Stamped Fabric

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Handmade Stamped Fabric

make your own stamped fabric

Have I ever told you that my favorite fabric hack is a painter’s drop cloth? It’s super inexpensive, readily available and good sturdy cotton canvas! I have a couple of projects in mind for one drop cloth including this DIY patterned fabric!

hand stamped fabric

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Step 1. Bleach

If I’m organized enough, I prep the drop cloth by soaking it in water with a a cup or so of bleach. It lightens the fabric a bit and softens it. Once prepped, I got to the business of creating my pattern!

materials for hand stamped fabric

Step 2. Mix paint

Similar to my painting style for this canvas, I mixed up a few different colors of paint first. I was originally thinking this fabric would go on this Xbench for the Dueling DIY guest room so I used blues and greens. Buuuut…. I love the idea of trying this again with brighter happier colors! (I’m using this fabric paint (affiliate) in a few different colors.)

paint mixed for fabric stamp

Step 3. Measure Your Pattern

I wanted a fairly graphic layout, so I quickly measured my pattern and used a disappearing fabric pen to mark where each polka dot should go.

measuring pattern for stamped fabric

make dots on fabric

Step 4. Stamp

I’m using a round sponge that’s about 1.5 inches in diameter. I find that it stamps a little better if the sponge is *slightly* damp. For a fully painted, solid dot, make sure your sponge is saturated with paint without being DRENCHED. I liked the haphazard look of having some circles with less paint so I loaded my sponge and used it in a few different places around the fabric. Because I had my pattern marked out in advance, it was easy to dot the paint sporadically. I used one color at a time and just tried to keep it somewhat balanced.

adding stamped polka dots to fabric

close up of dots on fabric

Because this won’t be on clothing or anything that requires major laundering, I didn’t bother to iron the paint or otherwise ‘seal it’. As mentioned earlier, I didn’t love how this fabric looked when upholstered on my Xbench, but I LOVE how it looks with matching teal velvet on the back as a pillow. (Fabric hoard for the win!)

handmade graphic stamped fabric handmade graphic stamped fabric


Disappearing fabric pen

Round Foam Pouncer

Fabric Paint (various colors)

Video tutorial here if you like to see it in person!

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make your own fabric in no time... love that I can customize this so easily

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