Easy Halloween Decorations

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Easy Halloween Decor from JOANN

I’m sharing my easy Halloween decorations for around my fireplace and on my mantel.

halloween holiday decor

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Sure sure sure… I’ve been sharing Halloween decor for a while now. But, I cannot tell a lie… it’s a super fun holiday to decorate for. So many spooky options, so many easy ways to bring in Halloween themes… This entire mantel wall took under an hour to put together and I’m loving that it looks much more complicated than it actually was! Don’t worry, full materials list is at the end of the post.

halloween mantel

My first title for this post was “Easy Halloween Crafts” but then I realized that the two DIYs I did for our Halloween decor were *hardly* craft worthy so I changed it. That’s how simple this truly was. The first thing I did was made that fun hanging planter… When I saw the planter at JOANN, I looked too much like a cauldron to pass up so I filled the bottom with floral foam, snipped some black and magenta flowers and the rest is history.

hanging halloween planter

I shared a quick Cricut 101 on my stories because people *always* ask for tips when I use it… I am FAR from an expert and have only used my machine for the most basic of projects (cutting out stencils, cutting out vinyl labels, a couple simple iron on projects…) but it’s in my IG highlights if you’re curious. I used my Cricut to cut out a bunch of bats from card stock.

paper bats on halloween mantel paper bats on halloween mantel

To bring the space together, I used some Frogtape to tape the bats coming out of the fireplace. Very easy and VERY satisfying!

bats coming out of fireplace for halloween

I gave one of my skeletons a cute Halloween fascinator and a shawl. And put another one of my vintage glass head. I was prepared to make my own chic spooky headware, but… JOANN has them already made. MUCH easier.

halloween fascinator on glass head

Inside the fireplace are a bunch of candles. I mixed real wax with LED so they honestly look better NOT lit up so you don’t notice the difference but one day I’ll fill all the LED candles with batteries and see how they look lit up at night.

candles in the fireplace

I partnered with JOANN for my Halloween decor last year and fell in love with these adhesive dragon eyeballs. If it ain’t broke… why fix it. My fishing ball looks MUCH spookier now.

dragon eyes on glass fishing ball

It’s hard to consider my paper bats a craft, but I did make them. The only other DIY in this set up are those black pumpkins. They were the brown paper mache version so I spray painted them and then hot glued some studs along the top!

black paper mache pumpkins with metal studs

The coffee table has my favorite little flea market zebra along with a few more paper bats, those GORGEOUS black and white striped candles…  I don’t normally have a cluster of candles on my coffee table but these were TOO cute not to get. I’ll move them over to the dining room table at some point. There’s also a second little potions bottle that matches the one on the mantel and a spooky velvet skull.  (Skulls are so chic, amiright?!)

coffee table decor for halloween

If you have any questions, leave me a comment, but honestly folks… this whole scene was way easy to pull together because I had everything I needed and didn’t need to make that much at all! It’s like a blogger’s dream! I’d love to see some of your holiday decor so send me pictures over on Instagram! (I spy a sleepy dog nose in the first picture.)

skeleton sitting by the fireplace for halloween

quick and easy halloween decor

Easy Halloween Decoration Shopping List

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fast and easy halloween decor

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