$8 Floral Dollar Tree Wreath

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Easy Budget Dollar Tree Wreath

This floral Dollar Tree wreath took under 15 minutes, cost less than $10 and is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

floral heart wreath

Eleanor has an invention convention at school which means we had to run out and get supplies. There’s a Dollar Tree up the road that I’d never been to but it was around the corner from both a Home Depot and a Walmart so I figured bing bang boom… get it all taken care of at once. Folks… that Dollar Tree had EVERYTHING! I came out with so many ideas and lots of fun craft supplies including this fun floral wreath!

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faux floral wreath

The only other Dollar Tree I’d been to near us was… not great. But the one we went to this weekend? Oh. My. Gosh. It redeemed my faith in dollar stores. I couldn’t resist this easy wreath DIY when I saw the faux florals and the wreath forms. I did NOT set a timer (but I should have), but I’m fairly confident this took under 15 minutes and set my back $8 (7 bunches of flowers and 1 wreath form).

Step 1. Remove the Flowers

The flowers I picked, came off the stems REALLY easily so this was a piece of cake. If your flowers are made differently, then you may have to grab some wire cutters and just clip the flowers.

faux flower wreath

Step 2. Prep the Area

There’s not much to this step, I just wanted to make this project seem a little more complex. Here’s the prep. Plug in your hot glue gun. Put down some newspaper to protect the work surface.

pay down newspaper and plug in the glue gun

Step 3. Glue the flowers

Squeeze an ample amount of hot glue onto the wreath form and place a flower on top. Move around the wreath form adding flowers and fill in any gaps as you go.

add flowers to wreath

Step 4. Add a Ribbon for hanging

That’s it!!! 255 words and the easiest Valentine’s project EVER! Best part is obviously that it set me back $8! Note that the Dollar Tree also has round wreath forms so this could just as easily be a SPRING wreath if you don’t want the heart!

adding ribbon to floral wreath

adding flowers to wreath form

I had to display this lovely purple wreath on my lavender ombre file cabinet! Matches perfectly!

dollar tree floral wreath

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