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Macrame Favorites and Tutorial

macrame square knots... how to

It’s no secret that my love for macrame runs deep. As a kid, I made dozens and dozens of those friendship bracelets so when I picked up some rope last year to add some inexpensive decor to our new dining room… the knots came right back to me! I’ve since taught some macrame classes and I even had the chance to demonstrate macrame on the Hallmark channel’s Home and Family show, so I figured it was about time to round up some of my macrame favorites here on the blog!

At Charlottes House on television

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My personal favorite is the braided mirror I made for Home and Family show. Here’s a peek at my original post about it!

How to transform and old vanity top with concrete for a budget bathroom makeover.

I’m also a HUGE fan of the macrame wall art I made for our dining room… when mounted on a simple canvas backdrop, the macrame is slightly elevated, in my opinion.

macrame wall hangings over sideboard

I’ve actually never shared a thorough tutorial on my blog, so… here ya go! Posted this to YouTube last week, so head over (why not subscribe!) and see HOW TO MACRAME!

Last but not least… macrame plant holders? Yeah… they’re STUPID easy. Pinky promise. There’s also a video with that post so again… head on over!

macrame plant holders

I had fun gathering all sorts of other macrame goodies from around the web! See all my favorites below (affiliate links!):

What’s YOUR favorite macrame vibe… wall hanging? Table runner? Jewelry? Lemme know! We can bond over our love for all things knotted!


Easy macrame instructions! Learn how to make three basic macrame knots... with VIDEO!

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  1. Hi Charlotte! do you teach classes? I want to make a door curtain to hide my laundry room that is visible from the kitcen. if not, Can you recommend a class in the Charlotte, NC area. Oh Goodness, I didn’t notice where you’re located. Well let me know thanks.

  2. Great tutorial! THanks so much for sharing. could you recommend a type of rope (and MM size) for macrame? What to look for when you buy? I’ve seen a few on amazon but would love a recommendation from you!


  3. Hi Charlotte, my name is jenny and i LIVE in Australia, yes, the land down under haha and i just wanted to thank you for putting your marvelous work on video for us all to follow, i am an elderly woman with little funds and this year i can give my children a lovely hand made item that i made myself instead of showing up with nothing….
    I want to truely say thank you as you have shone some sunshine onto my heart and people like you are very few and far between these days, everyone wants something, but not you! You freely show us less TALENTED how to make something soooooo beautiful for next to nothing.
    Thank you AGAIN for the bottom of my heart, you are a treasure
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Jenny! This my be the kindest comment I’ve ever received. THANK YOU! I love being able to share these projects and empower others to get the same joy that I do from making and creating. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful note. xx