Outdoor Rope Bench- 2×4 and More with Remodelaholic

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A few weeks ago I shared our colorful fixed up back porch. Despite all the new furniture and new styling, I was still missing one seat. I wanted to seat 6 real-live adults out there, and perching on one of the ottomans didn’t seem like the best solution. Thank goodness for Remodelaholic and her 2×4 and More challenge… I had an excuse to BUILD SOMETHING! I figured that a bench might be the perfect solution for that space because it would allow for two people’s booties to perch but wouldn’t take up the visual space that a pair of chairs with higher backs would. With that in mind… the wheels started turning.

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

How to Build a 2×4 MCM Rope Bench

Wanna know what’s awesome about 2x4s? They’re SO. CHEAP. A full materials and cut list is at the end of the post, but the whole thing was under $50 (not including the cushions… those were extra.) Last summer, I pinned a bunch of day beds and the one thing they all had in common was the tufted vintage-feeling mattress. For the porch, I didn’t have room for a full day bed, but I found these (affiliate) amazing indoor/outdoor floor cushions at World Market and I built the bench around them.

Shop my favorites!

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

Step 1: Build Bench Ends

Use pocket holes to screw 2 of the 27.5-inch boards onto either end of the 22.5-inch boards. (Pocket holes should be in either end of the 22.5-inch 2x4s.) Screw the second 22.5-inch board so the lower edge is 11-inches off the ground on the 2×4. The height of this 2×4 will determine where your seat will be so adjust accordingly. Attach the last 22.5-inch board to the top of the longer boards. Be sure to use a square to make sure these boards are screwed in at 90-degree angles.

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail


Step 2: Add Cross beams

Use pocket holes to attach each 42.5-inch board to your end pieces. Align the top of the 2×4 with the top of the middle cross beams on your end pieces.

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

Step 3: Add Support

Use pocket holes to attach the last 22.5-inch board between the cross beams at the middle of the seat to provide a little extra support.

Step 4: Add Seat slats

The 1x4s and 1x6s add up to the correct width so you won’t need to rip down any of these boards (yay) but… you will need to use a jig saw to cut out a slight notch in the 1x6s so they will fit around the corner 2x4s. Dry fit the seat slats with the 1x6s on either end and the 1x4s in the middle. Make sure you leave about 1/8 of an inch between each board to allow for wood swelling. Attach seat slats with wood glue and brad nails.

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

Step 5: Sand

Editor’s note: This may or may not be from first-hand experience. Sanding inside- even when in a she-shed, is really REALLY dusty. Be prepared with the necessary safety gear. OR, just a thought,… go ahead and sand outside. Doy.

Step 6: Stain

I used Minwax’s Gold Oak since the tone matches my beloved rattan, but it’s also the same stain I used on Frank’s crate cover so… it matches! I didn’t allow my stain to sit on the wood for too long before wiping it off so the color isn’t wildly saturated.

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

Step 7: Route two Grooves on arm rests

I had a router blade that was just a bit wider than the rope I was using- 1/4-inch. I marked half the width of the arm rest and gradually routed a groove down the middle deep enough to engulf the cotton rope. The trick to routing is to make lots of incremental cuts… if you try to route too deep in a single pass, you’ll smell burning wood, and things will get ugly.

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

Step 8: Drill holes for rope

I started with a smaller drill bit, but ultimately landed on 3/8-inch as the right size to easily accommodate my 3/16-inch rope. I marked out one hole per inch. Pay careful attention that you are drilling as straight down through the arm rest as possible. Finally, measure carefully and drill holes down through the seat and its supporting 2×4 being careful they align with the holes in the armrest above. Again, be careful to drill straight through. (Note: I actually had to remove the 22.5-inch top piece on each bench end for this last step because my drill + drill bit were too long to fit… once I finished drilling, I just reattached that top piece.)

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

Step 9. Add rope

As mentioned in my video, this rope was leftover from a macrame class, and it was already precut to 36″ lengths. I wrapped a short piece of electrical tape around the end of my rope and strung it up through the bench/ armrest and then back down. Leaving a longer rope tale, I reached for a second rope and repeated the process. Work your way down the arm rest in this manner and then repeat the other side. To finish it off, tie knots as tight as you can and trim the rope ends to desired length. (Note: you can work with ANY rope for this, but I was concerned that a larger rope would require larger holes which might compromise the structural integrity of the armrest… i.e. it would break.) Aaaaannnndddd… that’s it! You’re DONE!

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

Its everything that I wanted and more. It doesn’t take up masses of visual space when you step out onto the porch from the house and yet, I have two more seats!

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

I have a basket off the side in which I can store the floor cushions if it’s ever damp or rainy, and the bench is just as attractive and still pretty comfortable without the cushions.

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detailI think the rope detail goes a long way to update and modernize an otherwise basic build. The simple construction of the bench is nothing special UNTIL you add that rope! Also? 2x4s and cotton rope are REALLY inexpensive.

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail


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  • 7 @ 22.5 inches
  • 4 @ 27.5 inches
  • 2 @ 42.5 inches


  • 4 @ 49.5 inches


  • 2 @ 49.5 inches

Other Supplies:

Make sure you head over to Remodelaholic to see all the other fun projects that are being linked up all week as part of her #2x4andMore structural lumber building week. (Click here if you have a project and want to link up!)

DIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

I had a BLAST making this bench and putting together a tutorial for you. To see a full playlist about the #2x4andMore projects being shared, Cassity has a playlist for you also: click here!

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pin-me-pin-meDIY bench made out of 2x4s with chic rope detail

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  1. OH my gosh I have so many comments. First of all this is gorgeous. That honey stain is really pretty. I always avoid it for fear it won’t make that much of a difference but it has such a pretty finish. Second, WOW this is such a cool design! I am totally digging mid century right now so this is so perfect for my back patio. I LOVE this string detail. I feel like it would be a super simple way to upgrade a boring IKEA chair or something! Last, I’m so sad I don’t have a world market near me because those cushions are AMAZING!! I am having serious porch envy over here.

    1. 🙂 I agree with you about the stain… normally I would avoid it because I like the richer tones, but as soon as I saw it with my rattan, I was a fan! And thanks re. the design! I’m obsessed with rope details!