Painting a Room in One Afternoon with my Paint Stick

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How to Use the HomeRight Paint Stick

Using the Homeright Paint Stick

As you may know, I’m taking on Louisa’s old room for Dueling DIY with my friend Sarah and getting rid of the pink walls was Mission #1. I used one of my favorite painting tools, the HomeRight Paint Stick (affiliate), to paint the entire room in one quick afternoon.

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This room is super small space and I didn’t focus any attention on it when we moved in three years ago… Louisa is now sharing rooms with her big sister so I want to make this room a little more user friendly. Bright white walls are exactly the clean slate I need.

Step 1. Prep

With any paint project, prep is KEY. This room had quite a few nails and hooks in the wall so I removed all of those, filled the nail holes with spackle, and then sanded smooth.

remove the nails in the wall

There was also an existing painted gallery wall so I had to go around and sand these smooth. Finally, I removed all the switch plates and outlet covers.

spackle and sand smooth

Step 2. Edges

Go around and paint the edges of the wall. HomeRight makes an edging tool (affiliate), but I just grabbed a paint brush since I had one in my stash and I have a pretty steady hand.

Step 3. Paint Stick time

The paint stick is super easy to use. The roller (and inner foam tube) connects to the handle.  In order to ‘load’ the paint stick, squirt some petroleum jelly onto the valve to allow for an airtight seal. This valve is then placed on top of the intake tube that clamps right onto your can of paint. With an airtight seal, when you pull back on the paint stick handle, the paint is drawn up into the stick. Twist the handle back down to push any air out of the stick, and then remove from the valve. Twist the handle to send the paint down into the roller and… game on! Time to paint!

Add paint to the paint stick

paint in paint stick handle

I was able to paint one entire wall without reloading the paint stick. Because the roller is essentially freshly loaded the entire time, I also find that the first coat of paint is slightly thicker than normal so it’s *almost* not necessary to go back with a second coat.

roll paint onto the wall like normal

I suspect it will be easier for you to see how the paint stick works by watching this video, but I’ve also used the paint stick for our front porches so click here to see how well they worked there also!

The biggest hurdle for me with any painting project is the logistics of the brushes and the rollers and the tray and the drop cloths. It’s a lot. What I love about the paint stick is that I don’t need *any* of these things. I carry a rag in case of the occasional drip, but I don’t notice the paint spraying off the roller like it sometimes does with a regular roller and obviously there’s no tray to worry about. The other added bonus is that it just takes much MUCH less time to paint a wall because I’m not going back and forth to load the roller with paint from the tray! Obviously I sped up the video, but it goes SO much faster when you can continuously paint a wall!

happy about my homeright paint stick

Cleaning the paint stick is as simple as removing the roller and pulling soapy water (just like you did with the paint) up into the chamber half a dozen times. The foam insert comes out of the roller itself and you can either rinse that out like you would a traditional roller, or order a few extra rollers and tune up kits (affiliate links) for your next painting job! Here’s how it looks now… lots more styling to happen, but the white walls are my jam!

paint stick white walls

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