Spray Shelter and Spring Planters

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Favorite Spray Painting Accessory

home right spray tent spring planters

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by my friends at HomeRight, but as you can see… my spray tent gets LOTS of use. I love it!

Last weekend, we had temperatures around fifty degrees which meant…. spray painting! Today I’m sharing one of my FAVORITE tools and a quick and easy spring project I made with it. May I present… the HomeRight Spray Shelter. Take a close look at mine and you’ll see layers upon layers of spray paint and here’s why: this is a necessity!

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spray tent set up in garage

It pops open with one hand and provides protection from the wind and elements to all of my smaller spray painting projects. (Pssst… there’s also a larger tent that I use for furniture (affiliate), but it’s slightly more complicated to put together so I don’t bother unless I have a much larger piece!)

To complement our new colorful seating area, I was looking for ways to brighten the surrounding patio and yard. For $3.50 I grabbed all the colors necessary from the spray paint aisle and then I *splurged* for these $4 plastic planters.  Make sure the containers are clean and free of dust/ grease and place them onto a piece of cardboard in the spray shelter. (The spray shelter has a floor, I just knew how much spray paint was coming, so I wanted to keep the tent from getting to messy from wet spray paint.

first coat of green spray paint

I use Rustoleum 2X and it coats super well. These pots only needed 2 coats because the spray shelter prevents any overspray, and I was able to shift them in and out really easily and keep them protected to dry in the garage. After the first coat, wait a few minutes per the directions on the label and go back for a second coat. Remember… always light and easy with spray paint; multiple light coats is FAR superior to less heavy coats.

wait between coats

second coat of green paint for planters

Drill a small hole in the bottom if your pots don’t have one already to prevent water collecting and drowning your plants. I have these pots scattered on our front steps in hopeful anticipation of some warmer temps!

colorful planters painted with homeright spray tent colorful planters painted with homeright spray tent

Here’s another project I did featuring the spray shelter. These little ottomans are up in the girls’ room, and they get used every day!’

spray painted ottomans in girls room

I don’t think I ever shared this guy on the blog… but he’s happily overseeing my shed. Thank you HomeRight spray tent for helping with him too!

Backyard shed gets a colorful and eclectic multi-purpose makeover thanks to the One Room Challenge.

You know I love a video… see how FAST and SIMPLE the spray shelter is to use.

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I use my spray tent for everything and these colorful planters were the perfect way to use it most recently.

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