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All my favorites for blogging, making and life

Today I’m sharing all of the things I can’t live without for the workshop, blogging, and day to day tasks!

Favorite Things

Workshop Favorites


I’m often asked which power tool someone should buy first… and this is it. A jigsaw. It cuts through most lumber, it’s easy to use, and it doesn’t feel scary the way larger saws can. I’m not saying I can cut a straight line with my jigsaw, but I used it to make this wood house centerpiece and to cut the shape of our headboard.

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Battery powered screw driver

You know how every kids toy requires 12 batteries and has a screw to open the battery case? You need one of these. You can thank me later.

Kreg jig

I use my Kreg jig to make hidden pocket holes when I’m building stuff. I used it when I made this day bed, this rope bench and these planters. I.e. for everything.

Laser level

This level sticks to the wall and is perfect for hanging things like curtain rods or a gallery wall. Find the level point, stick it on the wall, and mark as many points as you want on the same line!

Tape measure

I didn’t say it would make your measurements correct… but you’re going to need a tape measure. A good one.


This is the drill set I have. I use it with my kreg jig and obviously for tons of other tasks.

Staple gun

I actually use this staple gun most of the time but it requires a compressor… I have this one. But for non-compressor stapling… this one works great.


I love that this sander has a pointed tip so it’s great for getting into corners and tight spots. I also have this orbital sander for big jobs.

Paint sprayer

I use this whenever I can! I painted this whole dresser in under an hour! Not only does it make painting 100% faster, but it also gives a wonderful smooth finish! I’ve tried other paint sprayers and this one is REALLY easy to clean too!

Spray paint handle

If you ever spray paint, get this. Trust me.

Spray shelter

The spray shelter comes in three sizes and means you can spray paint objects anywhere without risk of overspray!

Blogging Tools


I upgraded to this camera last summer and LOVE it. This comes with a touch screen display, it has wireless transmitting if needed, I use it for video. This is my baby.

Photo backdrop

I don’t use this all the time, but I love it when I do. Mine was actually out of stock, but this looks similar. It provides a great neutral backdrop for flatlays or other craft photography and is a good photo prop to have in your arsenal.

Coffee cup

Someone asked if I drank coffee the other day and I almost laughed outloud. Um, yeah… I do. This cup is the best because not only does it keep the coffee warm for ages, but it’s also leak free so I can just toss it in my bag without any fear of drips or spills!


I use this microphone for my videos. One piece connects to the phone, an the other clips onto my lapel. It’s battery powered and I’ve been impressed with the sound quality.


If you’re doing ANY type of interior photography you need a tripod. In order to shoot at a low ISO (to avoid grainy photos) you’re going to need your shutter to stay open for longer than 1/50th of a second which means it will blur unless you have a tripod.

Phone case

This isn’t the smallest case on the market, but it WORKS! I’ve dropped my phone HARD so many times and so far… it’s safe. I credit this case.


These headphones fold up, they’re cozy and… they’re my favorite color! Need I saw more?!

Computer case

Not only does this make my computer looks super cute but  I think it’s meant to protect it a bit too! Win-win.

Personal Faves


This foundation isn’t the cheapest but it is like putting AIR on your face. I use this for TV makeup as well as a light tough up during the day.

Glow stick

I love this highlighter stick and use it around my cheekbones and under my eyebrows. It provides a nice dewy glow!


This mascara looks like I’ve put false eyelashes in. That’s how good it is!


This basic drug store lipstick lasts forever. It comes in lots of colors and doesn’t feel sticky or heave in the least.


Every time you see these beauties, you ask… so here they are. I love them and never take them off!

Clog boots

Again, these aren’t the cheapest but I’ve had my first pair for 5+ years and wear them every day.

Winter boots

If I’m headed to the flea market or working in my shed, these keep my feet super warm. I also am loving the lighter color in the gray days of winter.


When working in a chilly shed, layering is key. Vests are a staple and this cozy one is the prettiest blue!

Blanket scarf

I wear a similar one from Target all the time and just grabbed this one on Black Friday. I love blanket scarves. I fold them diagonally and then wrap the two corners around my neck once and then tie in front.


These are my favorites. I slip them on every morning. They have rubber soles so if I *hypothetically* wear them to get the mail, no worries. Soft and cozy… I’ve gone through a few pairs.

Fingerless Gloves

I love how fingerless gloves provide warmth but sill allow me to handle power tools and work with my hands.Reading Glasses

These are another one that you guys always ask about when you see me wearing them! I got mine at a local boutique but the same pair is linked below.

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