Master Bathroom REVEAL

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This post would not be possible without the OTT (over the top) support of the following brands who provided so much gorgeous and generous product for our master bathroom makeover: The Home Depot, Home Decorator’s Collection, American Standard, and Lacefield Designs.

Let’s jump right in with the ugly before of this space: it was dated, dreary, and in need of some love! (Full source list at the end of the post!) And to see other posts in my Master Bathroom Series, CLICK HERE.

modern and chic Master bathroom makeover

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The floral wallpaper coordinated nicely with the elaborate window treatments and reminded me of Gone With the Wind every time I saw them. (And no… I was not able to sew a dress when the drapes came down… I needed them literally gone with the wind.) The floor was a dingy adhesive vinyl composite tile that was sitting on a few inches of water damage around the bathtub. The wall was still exposed drywall from when we added the closet a year ago and the fixtures were… circa 1970. In conclusion, 80% of the room needed some TLC.

modern and chic Master bathroom makeover modern and chic Master bathroom makeover

Master Bathroom Update… step by step

This was the original vision board I shared with you… a while ago. Aside from the vanity color and the ladder baskets, everything is basically as I’d envisioned!

chic and modern master bathroom makeover

I’ve tried to document the entire update over on my YouTube channel so head over there for more detailed tutorials on each phase of this makeover. For now… I’m simply sharing the beautious “After” photos. I LOVE this room and am SO excited to share it with you after month(s) of teasing you with the process on my Instagram Stories!

chic and modern master bathroom makeover chic and modern master bathroom makeover

The biggest project was the floor. Before I could put down that amazing marble hex tile, I had to pull up the existing adhesive tile along with the 3/4″ plywood it was resting on (in order to accommodate the added height of the tile). I had to pull out a bunch of the actual subfloor in order to repair water damage and patched the spot where the bidet used to sit. (Bye bye, bidet.)

MASS APPEAL chic and modern master bathroom makeover

Although not quite as challenging as the floor, I also had to remove what felt like miles of floral wallpaper. With the wallpaper removed, there was a ton of sanding and patching and painting that needed to happen to give me the bright white walls I wanted in here! (All the trim in our house is off white… because it requires some repair to moulding, etc…. I’ve left the trim color as is. For now.)

chic and modern master bathroom makeover

With the floral and vinyl gone… the remodel was already a jillion percent better. Just like I did in our old dining room, I sewed those lined curtains using Lacefield Design’s Isla Cyan fabric. (I love their fabric and have it on our headboard, Eleanor’s curtains and for curtains/ upholstery in our dining room as well!)

chic and modern master bathroom makeover

chic and modern master bathroom makeover

The vanity got an update… I tried to bring in that rich blue of the rug without being too bright. As further evidence that I’m a crappy painter, the sanding/ priming that I *thought* I’d done well enough the first go around… peeled immediately, so a simple project like that actually turned out to be one of the most time consuming… ask me what I did during the first 1.5 seasons of The Americans.

chic and modern master bathroom makeover

Part of replacing the floor meant removing the toilet. And… the toilet we had was on it’s last legs so I was THRILLED when American Standard agreed to partner with me and sent their brand new SELF CLEANING TOILET! Yes…. you read that right and it definitely requires all caps. I press a button and boom…. it cleans itself. That’s science fiction right there.

chic and modern master bathroom makeover

American Standard ALSO sent me new faucets. I’ve never replaced faucets before and I started to do a tutorial, but then realized that our sink had lots of idiosyncrasies because it was so old so… I just concentrated on doing the actual switcheroo. These new faucets/ handles make the old faucets/ handles seem like a water fountain from the 1930s. The faucet has a higher arc and the handles are sleek and gorgeous. One doesn’t truly appreciate new fixtures until one’s replaced old ones, and I’m in love.

chic and modern master bathroom makeover chic and modern master bathroom makeover

Last but not least, our closet needed a door. I didn’t want one that swung into the bathroom, and there definitely wasn’t room to have it swing INTO the closet. We missed our window at a bifold door when we built the space so… I figured a sliding barn door might be the right solution for that space!

chic and modern master bathroom makeover To get a door that was the same dimensions as the door moulding, I built one from scratch using basic pine boards (tutorial coming soon) and then I hung the barn door hardware with shaky knees. We don’t really close the door all that often, but I’m glad we have one just to keep the humidity out of our closet!

chic and modern master bathroom makeoverAnd the icing on the cake in here is all the amazing accessories… new floating shelves help store small things like extra toilet paper and the vintage shaving tools I picked up down in Atlanta with my pal Erin.

chic and modern master bathroom makeover chic and modern master bathroom makeover

The rug was part of my original vision board for the space and it is SO soft! The bench is a little bit of seating/ place to dump clothes.

chic and modern master bathroom makeover

A new vanity light was a must. Scroll up to remind yourself of the retro classic that was up there before. I’m OBSESSED with the artwork I brought into the space. That amazing eye chart is HUGE which I loved about it and the smaller piece above the medicine cabinet is from an etsy artist that I’ve been coveting.
chic and modern master bathroom makeover

chic and modern master bathroom makeover

D. Lawless sent me that hook to replace the shiny nickel one that had been there before and I grabbed that long hook for my necklaces from Homegoods. As you can see, I’ve mixed metals quite a bit in this space… I wish I could tell you I had some master strategy but I didn’t… I love the not quite brass, not quite chrome finish on the faucets, but LOVED the new knobs I found on etsy… so together they went. The curtain rods and light fixture both have that warm aged brass/ gold look, but the overhead light is black… which ties into the hook and the barn door hardware. For other smaller details like the towel rods/ medicine cabinet knobs… I reverted to lucite! See what I mean? No method to my metallic madness.

chic and modern master bathroom makeover chic and modern master bathroom makeover chic and modern master bathroom makeover

Are you still here? The AMAZING folks at The Home Depot and Home Decorator’s Collection have been SO patient with me on this project… I hit a few roadblocks and learned lots of new skills (ahem… patching subfloor), but the finished result is about 600% better than the room I started with. Don’t forget to check out ALL the posts I’ve shared about this space HERE and see the tutorials I’ve posted on my YouTube Channel HERE.


master bathroom vision board and plans!


chic and modern master bathroom makeover

chic and modern master bathroom makeover

Want to see more? Here’s the video reveal:

Source List

The Home Depot provided:

Home Decorator’s Collection provided:

American Standard provided:

Lacefield Designs provided:

Other sources:

  • Wall hook: D. Lawless
  • Wall art of woman: etsy
  • Brass vanity hardware: etsy

pin-me-pin-mechic and modern master bathroom makeover


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  1. Yowzers, that is a huge change. Goodbye, 1987. Hello, 2017. I am sorry to see the telephone on the wall and the bidet go bye bye, they were sort of kitschy 🙂 Great job. I enjoyed following the remodel on IG.

    1. There were like 5 telephones mounted around the house… we saved them for the kids playroom. They get a lot of imaginary use. 🙂 And the bidet leaked so I couldn’t even justify it as kitsch. Ha! Thanks so much for following along… always nice to have such a tragic “before” that the after is kind of a shoe-in! xx

  2. It was awesome to read the article and the images of your bathroom projects. Really fantastic work Charlotte. I am thinking of a renovation for my guest bathroom and I must keep your model in my mind. I am a fan of green and gold theme bathroom renovation as well. What do you think about it?

  3. just discovered your blog via insta. Love it! Could you please share the Etsy artist who did the amazing blue woman?? Thanks!

    (Also, not sure why this is all caps. caps lock is not on…)

  4. Hi! Did I miss where you list the paint color for the vanity? Thinking of something like this for my kitchen lowers. Thanks!

    1. Hi there! I probably didn’t mention… I’m so stupid about remembering… this blue was basically a color match for the blue that was in our curtains. Lemme try to find it tomorrow!

  5. I love it all. I used to hang wallpaper for a living years ago. Now I want no part of it. As I said, I love all your bathroom makeover but my fave is the hedgehog picture.

  6. Really its look bigger your small bathroom!! Love the blue matching curtain and the floor. But I love my Black and white bathroom so much. You may think about another renovation with all black and white combination…:)