Scrap Fabric Wall Art

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Creating Graphic Wall Art with Leftover Fabric

I made a colorful quote out of scrap fabric and framed it as wall art.

quote art with scrap fabric

My scrap fabric pile is getting bigger and bigger and I had this stack of small fabric scraps leftover from this rainbow leaf wreath. I’ve done a project like this in the past with felt, but figured I’d try it again with a different fabric, a different color scheme, and… a different quote. The directions for this couldn’t be simpler which is one of the reasons I love this project.

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Step 1. Pick your fabric

I opted to use a different color for each letter in my quote. I took a minute to layout all the colors to make sure I liked the way they worked together!

layout fabrics

Step 2. Determine the Size of the Letters

Finding the right size for your letters will depend on two factors: the size of your frame and the quote you choose. For my Ikea frame, I determine that each letter should be about 4 centimeters. (After I’d cut my letters, I actually decided to leave the large mat in place which shrunk my workable space quite a bit… I had to squish my letters together and I love the look so that’s a happy accident!)

layout stencils

Step 3. Trace your letters

I had a set of inexpensive paper stencils that were the rights size. A fabric pen would be ideal, but I couldn’t find mine so I used a pencil (not advised as the lead will show through on lighter thin fabrics). To keep the pencil marks on the back of the letters, I flipped over the stencils and traced them backwards.

trace the stencils onto the fabric

Step 4. Cut out Your Letters

Using sharp fabric scissors, carefully cut out your letters. I used a sharp blade for the few letters (A, R, O…) that had interior cuts.

cut out the fabric letters

Step 5. Adhere Letters to Paper

I determined the best layout for my quote and then used a quick dry craft glue to adhere them to a heavy piece of paper. I kept it neutral and chose a white drawing paper, but you could make this project super vibrant by selecting a brighter background paper for your fabric quote. I used the tiniest amount of glue possible to avoid getting any on the surrounding paper or discoloring the fabric.

glue fabric letters onto paper

Step 6. Frame your quote

I had this Ikea Ribba frame in the garage and I love the big wide mat against the colorful graphic art. I was able to complete these art in about an hour-  the perfect quarantine project!

frame and display the quote

girl with scrap fabric art

I love how easy this type of art is to make. If you don’t have an ever growing pile of scrap fabric, then go through your closet and see if you have any stained clothes or scarves to use. And if there’s no fabric available, you  can always paint your own paper Eric Carle style or just reach for some construction paper! So many ways to make art!

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scrap fabric art

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