One Room Challenge Week 1: Design Plans

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Design Plans for the Fall One Room Challenge

Today I’m revealing which space I’m making over for this Fall’s One Room Challenge!

You’ll have to forgive me if this post reads differently than others… it’s hard to type as I hyperventilate into a paper bag. Let’s get the gushing out of the way: I am beyond honored to be joining this wonderfully eclectic and diverse group of designers for this fall’s One Room Challenge! The One Room Challenge is a glorious six week endeavor in which a group of featured designers and guest participants make over a space in their home. Each week we’ll share our progress towards the big reveal on November 6! I’ve played along a couple of times as a guest participant: I tackled the dining room in our old house,  an upstairs bathroom and of course my favorite… the She Shed.

one room challenge shed

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About Me

If you’ve gone down the One Room Challenge rabbit hole and have landed here not knowing anything about me… head over to my About Page for the full scoop. My name’s Charlotte. I live in Connecticut with my husband and 5 kids and I love color. There’s too much chaos in my house for me to be precious about design… I decorate on a budget of Cheetos and string cheese and try to create spaces that are bright and cheerful.

playroom in rental home

One Room Challenge Design Plan

Today I’m going to share the space I’m taking on as an official featured designer. Reminder that we’re renting so I can’t take on anything extensive like a bathroom or a kitchen. In a full circle moment from my first ORC, I’ve decided to redesign our… DINING ROOM.

dining room one room challenge before

Technically I’m lying already, though, because our dining room in the rental is connected to our formal living room so it’s kind of two spaces in one. I’ve done *nothing* to this space since we moved in other than plop furniture. And if I’m being honest, probably too much furniture. It’s my gift.

dining room with thrifted furniture

Let me walk you through my plans for the space. (Mostly so you can hold me accountable!!) The first thing that’s going to happen is that a lot of the furniture is going to get an upgrade. With the exception of my green Ikea couch, every single piece of furniture you can see here is thrifted. I painted the pink sideboard, I painted the blue dining table, and I painted the gray sideboard. The dining chairs from eBay were recovered (twice!) and the side chairs were restuffed and reupholstered. Both pairs of chairs in the dining room were reupholstered estate sale finds and that white coffee table was from Facebook marketplace. That might be a record in one room even for me!

dining room table

I’ll keep some of these pieces in storage but will sell all the others (if you’re local and interested… hit me up!). This house has much lower ceilings than the old house, so I’m drawn to simpler furniture with clean lines. Raymour and Flanigan is working with me to provide a handful of items around which I can fill in. I’ve also been obsessed with the idea of a chinoiserie jungle mural for… awhile. I’m bringing in one of those too!

ORC dining room vision board

The wall between the windows will look a little different. I’ve picked out some curtains to add a little visual interest and swapping out that large sideboard. I’m hoping the curtains and the mural might trick your eye into thinking the ceilings are a bit higher in here, but we’ll just have to see! Fingers crossed!

painted gray buffet against the wall

ORC vision board for wall between windows

We painted this room white before we moved in so I can incorporate lots of new fabrics and textiles. Curtains, rug, pillows. I’ve already started searching the flea market for some fun accessories, and I have plans for a new gallery wall somewhere in the space. Below is a mock up with a combination of purchased, thrifted, and DIY wall art!

minted gallery wall plans

So that’s the “plan”. Putting it all in a vision board really helps to see how colors and patterns will work… but I never truly know how it will all come together until I see the actual items in the space. (I wrote this post about how I make vision boards.) And the more creative I get with the designs… the more nervous I get about the finished results!

Just to recap, here’s my To Do list (so far):

  • Wallpaper
  • Curtains
  • New wall sconces
  • DIY chandelier
  • Gallery wall
  • DIY art
  • New furniture

Tune in next week to see my progress! Wish me luck!!

charlotte smith head shot

The best part about the One Room Challenge, in my opinion, is the chance to follow along as this collective group of designers works on their space all at the same time. Make sure you get to know my ORC teammates below and see what spaces they’re taking on!

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  2. It’s a pleasure to meet you charlotte via orc and can i say i love what you’ve already done, lol! i can see you’re very talented simply by your savvy mix of color and patterns! i’ll be cheering you on as we press together towards the finished line!

  3. I literally thought theroom with the green sofa was the “after”. It already looks amazing Would it be wrong to say dont change a thing? ????