The “Before” Home Tour, Part 1

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If I never see another cardboard box, it will be too soon!!! I can’t say that we have ANY idea where half of our stuff will go… but I CAN say that we’ve been able to unpack ‘most’ of the boxes in the main house (no comment on the garage…). Artwork and wall decor is next so those are still lingering in cardboard, but… I wanted to share a home tour of the house as it looks right now. 2 weeks in. Furniture is moderately placed but every room has a project. Or twelve.

ACH exterior before trees removed

This house is oooold. 1830 give or take. We loved some of the classic features that comes with a home of this age, but it also poses some dilemmas… no closets, limited overhead lighting, uneven floors… I’m sure we’ll find other little kinks as we go. You walk in the front door to a large spacious foyer. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I purchased a basket at Goodwill and finally, months later, there it is as our new foyer pendant light!

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first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!

Other plans for this space?
– paint the blue foyer table
– recover and repaint the chevron chairs (bye, guys)
– I’m contemplating a subtle runner for the stairs just to help with the creaks and noise

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!


To the left of the foyer is the living room. The furniture arrangement is probably 80% set… notice anything? Happy 40th birthday to me from my amazing hubby… can you stand the emerald green Ikea loveliness?! Note the pile of picture boxes in the corner… when those clear out, I think the room will feel a little more open. No home for the red coffee table for now, but we shall see.

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!

Other plans for this space?
– Paint. I actually like this color, but it’s not great with vibrant colors of the couches, etc.
– I keep threatening to refinish that hexagonal table between the windows… maybe I’ll get to it one day.
– The coffee table needs a little TLC too. Again… that’s been on my To Do list for years.

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!


The living room opens into the office. This is currently ground zero for the stuff we haven’t found a home for. The office is the one room where a lack of closet space poses a problem. Things like files and misc. paperwork have nowhere to hide. In our old place, we had built ins and a closet/ office so… plenty of nooks and crannies for all the “stuff.”

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!

Other plans for this space?
– Storage. I have a large armoire in the garage (thank you, hoarding tendencies) that needs some love, but could be perfect in here to help corral the papers and files and craft supplies. Once the picture boxes are cleared out, we’ll have a better sense of the space in here!

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!


The office leads into the playroom. (The playroom is the room directly ahead when you come in the front door.) This is the only room with built ins so perfect for ALL the kids stuff. I don’t love the mass of baskets on the floor, but we’ve essentially consolidated all the toys from the playroom, the family room and bedrooms in the old house… to this one room. That one door is also the only bathroom on the first floor. Important.

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!

Other plans for this space?
– WALLPAPER!! It’s got. to. go.
– Organization. It all feels a little haphazard to me, so I’d love to keep weeding through the toys and getting them in better order. TBD what that will look like!
– Bathroom. This space can use a refresh. Floors and walls are a little drab. It’s a small space (duh), so not too much to do, but I’d love it brighter.

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!


From the playroom, you head into the dining room. The best part about the dining room is that it opens up on either side to front and back porches! What?! We have NO idea whether these fireplaces work… we’ll cross that bridge this fall. This is our old kitchen table and it’s not perfect. We’re trying to decide whether the table from the formal dining room at the old place would work better… Decisions, decisions. Notice anything against the wall? Yep… I posted about it on Instagram and snagged it from the Restore for $25. Twenty five dollars. It’s already filled with extra plates and tchotchkes that haven’t found a home yet. The other big difference with this new house is that there’s not an easily accessible basement, so… there’s lots of cleaning/ seasonal ‘stuff’ like our apple corer that would normally just live within arms reach downstairs, but now need to be considered a bit more.

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!

Other plans for this space?
– declutter
– figure out the table/ chair situation
– recover the pair of chairs on either side of the sideboard
– fix the missing piece on the sideboard… I’m thinking I might source some stone from a local stone yard?

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!


And onto the kitchen/ family room… we’re going green. (See what I did there?) The configuration of the kitchen took some getting used to, but the chimney in the middle limits how “open” this space can get. (We were told that for thousands and thousands of dollars, we can remove the chimney, but honestly… we’re sort of excited to have a cozy fire going in the family room and don’t mind the way it is so far.) The back door is our main entry point so this hallway will be a mudroom of sorts. And a dutch door opens onto the back porch which has already become a nice perch for Frank until we can fence in the back portion of the yard. The family room is window filled and our old furniture fits the space great! With a playroom downstairs, this room doesn’t get NEARLY as much clutter which has been great!

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!

Other plans for this space?
– again… paint. Unfortunately, this yellow is EVERYWHERE. On the stairs, on every closet door, the staircase spindles, window mullions… this is a job for a pro, so we’ll have to save up.
– mount the TV over the fireplace. Again… a job for a pro.
– kitchen cabinets? Before we moved in, I figured painting the cabinets would be a GIVEN. Now that I’m living in the space, the color doesn’t bother me aaaaaas much. Stay tuned.
– the floors. The green has GOT to go. I was tempted to experiment with some paint and I think it would actually hold up were it not for the table… the kids sliding in and out of the table on their chairs are BOUND to scratch off any paint, no matter how durable it is!
– I found that oval kitchen table on Craigslist for $75 and have some ideas for that bad boy.
– backsplash. No question, I need more vegetables in my life, but… these tiles are not the answer.
– organization. Everything is somewhere, but I need to live with the kitchen a bit more to really crack the pantry/ snack/ drink code here. The open shelves in the eating area are nice… but they can get cluttered fast… what goes where is still a question in here.
– I have plans for that armoire in the corner
– the mudroom needs some help. That white Ikea piece used to live in the family room at the old house, and it works pretty well right behind the door to hold extra storage. I was thinking of hanging some hooks for coats, but… that piece might make more sense. Again… we’ll need to live with this for a bit to see what makes the most sense!

first tour of our current house with a full to do list of our plans!


Are you as exhausted as I am?! I’m going to leave you hanging for the UPSTAIRS because this post is already ridiculously long. Come back on Thursday to see all the bedrooms, to get a hint of what I have planned for the nursery and to see Oliver’s favorite part of the house.

Update: Part 2 of the Before Home Tour is here!

Update Update: See the CURRENT state of the house HERE!

If you want to see how all this stuff used to look when it coordinated, feel free to check out the Home Tour from our first house here.
I also posted a video House Tour of the first house, if you want the live version!!


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  1. Your new house is gorgeous, I love the hardwood floors. I don’t know how you do it. Well, yes I do, it really is called “feet don’t fail me now!” Isn’t it? Ha!

  2. Looks like a lovely old home! It feels like a happy home (through your pictures) even in its beginning stages!

  3. Brave woman! looks great so far but that green floor in the kitchen…what is it made of? NEVER seen that before. Good luck…can’t wait to see the in progress and finished rooms. Are you thinking of the glass door treatment from your last house in the first floor bathroom in the new house…that was one of my favorite things I’ve seen on your blog.

    1. Ha! Thanks… and the green floor is intense. I think it’s a vinyl tile. Probably super chic for the 80s. In person you can almost ignore it but in pictures, wowza! 🙂 Haven’t decided about the powder room door! I LOVED that feature in the old house too… thanks. The playroom gets a lot more action so even a glass panel might be too intrusive, but I’d love to get some natural light in there. Maybe a smaller panel? Stay tuned!!

  4. I want to know how many adult workers (not helpers) you had to get to this well ordered “This Old House”.
    And you are worried about light in the powder room? White white paint and mirrors???

    Glad you are all so happy in your new old house around the corner!! Good for you.

    1. Ha! My mom was in town the week after we moved and she conquered a lot!! And Mark and I both cringe at the sight of boxes so we’ve been unpacking in any spare moment. We also threw some babysitters into the ring. If you were to stop by, we’d probably rope you in too!! 🙂 xo

    1. That’s about the right summary… excited exhausted. 🙂 I forget how much rearranging and tweeking went into the old house… this will take a little while, for sure.

  5. What an amazing house! So much space and character; I love the layout. I don’t envy you all the work you have to do, but what a great place to do it in. I think the playroom looks fun- love the carpet. Will all those shelves of toys be strewn about in five minute’s time? They would be at my house:) Oh, those two white and greenish chairs with the little table between them- so pretty! I’m excited to see what color you choose for the vibrant living room furniture. Congratulations on making it so far, being pregnant and 40;) (I’m 40, too.) Looking forward to seeing your progress. Too bad we don’t live closer, my husband is a painter; he’d love that job!

    1. Thanks, Aimee!! The layout is working great, but yeah… the To Do list is loooooong. The playroom is pretty much strewn within minutes… I think the only solution is just to get rid of 1/2 the stuff. :/ OMG, your husband would have a month of work over here!!!

    1. Yeah…. there are moments when I’m psyched and then there are other moments when I think about HOW much needs to happen to bring everything together. 🙂 Thanks!!

  6. I know I’m a little late to the comment party, but I LOVE your space already! I adore old homes and I love all of the character yours has! Can’t wait to see you put your signature Charlotte touch on these spaces and furniture 🙂

  7. OMG – This is my dream house!! We made an offer on it years ago (2006 ish) and were denied..then 2 months later we were transferred to London (everything happens for a reason) for the next 7 years…I drove by it several times when we returned and when I read the first line of the HOUZZ article and saw the first photo I was pretty confident…until I saw the kitchen – and those floors – it was confirmed!! GOOD LUCK!!! She is a beauty, elegant, regal and so so special. I bet the prior owner/decorator – is loving what you are doing – long overdue! Best of luck!!

    1. STOP!!! It’s so funny… I’ve heard of other folks who saw the house when it was for sale also! I think we got very lucky with the timing. Next time you’re in town, knock on the door and I’ll show you around! 🙂 Some people come in and thing the floors are retro and fun. Can’t WAIT to replace them. 🙂 Our budget won’t allow allllll the little updates this place could stand to have, but as you know… there’s such a charm and we’re not in any rush! I’d be curious what the former owner thinks! Our style is very different than hers… just j.v. over here, but still lots of fun with it all! Such a small world. 🙂