Easy DIY Projects You Can Do in an Hour

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Quick and Easy Crafts

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite DIY projects, and all of them can be done in about an hour… perfect for when you’re stuck inside!

fast crafts

Paint Pouring

This is the MOST FUN. You will need to order some pouring medium, but once you have it, any craft paint will work. My kids LOVE paint pouring: it’s messy, it always looks cool, and… oh yeah, did I mention it’s MESSY! 😉 

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No supplies? Experiment with paint pouring without the medium. The medium keeps the paint from mixing and helps it to flow, but you can probably achieve an interesting effect without it. Looking for the marbled look? Consider shaving cream marble painting here.

I made these cool canvases and then built the frames to go with them. Click here for full project tutorial.

paint pour canvases in girls room

And then I used the same technique to add some flare to this mirror frame! Click here for full project tutorial.

paint pour mirror

Make a Tote Bag

Use any canvas tote bag (or order a blank one here). I was able to use my Cricut to cut out this pattern, but painters tape and an exacto knife will work just as well!! Click here for full project tutorial.

No supplies? I mentioned above, but you can make a stencil out of painters tape by taping off a 12×12 square and then cutting your pattern. Use any craft paint and stencil anything you want!

rainbow stenciled tote bag

Glitter Dipped Candles

Make plain dollar store candles look sparkly and fancy. Could. Not. Be. Easier.  Click here for the full project tutorial.

No supplies? You could make your own candle by melting down old crayons. Or copy this idea onto something other than a candle: make a pencil holder by glitter dipping a tin can. Make a change jar by glitter dipping a jar from your recycling bin.

how to make glitter dipped candles for the holiday

DIY Jewelry Pendants

I made these a while ago and I still think about all the ways I could make them again with different patterns! All you need is this dimensional mod podge. Click here for the full project tutorial.

No supplies? Find some buttons and glue a monogram onto the button. Seal with craft glue.

easy monogram choker

Decorated Placemats/ Paint Swatch Placemats

Clearly I have a think with placemats made from painters drop cloths. Free canvas to do what you want with!!! I made this first placemat to look like a paint swatch. Click here for the full project tutorial.

No supplies? It won’t be the same, but you can always copy these designs on a plain ol’ piece of paper and then laminate it.

DIY drop cloth paint swatch placemats

And this placemat was inspired by the wonderful graphic patterns on African mudcloth. Click here for full project tutorial.

mudcloth placemat tutorial

Budget High End Art

Every time I show this painting on the background on Instagram, someone asks me where I got it. Easy answer? I made it and it couldn’t be simpler! Click here for the full project tutorial.

No supplies? There are lots of ways to make a stamp (potato, apple, regular kitchen sponge)… so this should be easy to replicate!

DIY high end stamped art

Tassel Basket

If you’re anything like me, you have a stash of baskets somewhere in your home. Maybe multiple stashes. Adding colorful tassels is a fun and easy way to make a basic basket into a fun boho statement. Click here for the full project tutorial.

No supplies? You can still make tassels out of an old dish towel or t-shirt or pillow case. See how here.

diy tasseled basket

DIY Hobnail Glass

I fell in love with hobnail glass after I started going to the flea market. Since hitting the thrift stores isn’t an option right now, make your own! Click here for the full project tutorial.

No supplies? Grab some craft paint or a Sharpie and decorate an old pickle jar!

diy hobnail glass

Napkin Rings

It’s looking like Easter lunch will be a quiet affair for everyone, but there’s nothing that says you can’t make these now and celebrate with them later! Click here for full project tutorial.

No supplies? Use wire or cut up paper towel/ toilet paper tubes. Paint the tubes and add a tassel made from yarn or string! (Tassel tutorial here.)

Quick and easy one minute napkin ring

Felt Word Art

This cute quote will forever be one of my favorite projects. Beyond easy and so budget friendly… this is definitely something the kids could help with too! Click here for full project tutorial.

No supplies? Cut out paper to make quote art. Stained old clothing? Cut that into letters instead!

Felt word art for playroom

You’ll probably need a few special supplies to pull some of these off, but fingers crossed Amazon will still be operational throughout these next couple of months. If you don’t have access to craft shopping, then a few of these might be tough, but lots of these projects will still work! See my suggestions for how to do each project if you’re missing one of the supplies.

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